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Warm Spitzer Observers Manual

Spitzer Observer's Manual - Warm Mission

The Spitzer Observer's Manual - Warm Mission (Warm SOM) is the essential technical reference manual for Spitzer observers. The Warm SOM provides technical information about the design, performance and operational constraints of Spitzer. It includes technical information on planning, editing and submitting Spitzer observations. There are separate Calls for Proposals that include the programmatic information needed to submit a Spitzer proposal.

Getting the Document

VERSION: 12.2, 09 Nov 2018

Download the SOM (PDF, 7.1 MB).

All files are available in PDF format. Some figures may not display well on some monitors, but should print satisfactorily.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC? Every pdf viewer we have tried (on any platform) allows you to search for keywords. Try clicking on the binoculars icon.

Looking for the Spitzer cryogenic mission SOM? It is located here (PDF, 15.53 MB).

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