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Document Change Control Record


Date                                       Version Author



2014 September 17                 2.1          Elena Scire       

Updated moving target overheads in section 1


2010 January 22                 2.1          Lisa Storrie-Lombardi       

Updated commensurate with issuance of Cycle-8 Call for Proposals.  The requirement that generic fixed targets have positions specified to within 2 degrees is deleted.   The slew overhead is reduced from 215 to 180 seconds.  The definition of Second Look observations has been deleted as they are not supported as part of warm mission proposals.


2010 January 22                 2.0          Lisa Storrie-Lombardi       

Updated commensurate with issuance of Cycle-7 Call for Proposals.


2008 July 7                           1.0          Lisa Storrie-Lombardi       

Initial version.  Modified from version 8.0 of the cryogenic mission Observing Rules.


































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