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Spitzer Observing Rules

9         Special Calibrations

Any additional calibration(s) that are not included as part of routine calibrations (8) conducted by the SSC will be regarded as special calibrations, and are the responsibility of the approved investigator. The observing time required to conduct such special calibrations will be charged against the observer's allocation and must be included in the original science proposal. The SSC will process such observations through the normal data processing pipeline(s). The investigator is responsible for using these data for the special calibration requirements of their program. The normal proprietary data period applies to special calibration data that are part of an approved science program.


All Spitzer Space Telescope data, including routine and special calibrations, may be accessed and analyzed by appropriate SSC instrument specialists to assess instrument performance and to develop improved or necessary instrument calibrations. For such use of special calibration data, strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout the normal proprietary period.


Proposers are encouraged to consult with the Science User Support Team via the Helpdesk when planning to propose special calibrations.