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Spitzer Observing Rules

12    Failed Observations

A failed observation is one that cannot be calibrated, or where a significant fraction of the data is lost or severely corrupted, or where the data processing system (the “pipeline”) is incapable of processing the observation.  Some failures may result from instrument anomalies, while other failures may be due to the loss of data in transmission.  


If an investigator believes that an observation has failed or has been seriously corrupted or degraded, he/she can submit a written request to the SSC Science User Support Team via the Helpdesk ( for a repeated observation.  Any request for a repeated observation must be filed within two months of the investigator’s data being made available to the investigator.   If the SSC concurs with the request, attempts will be made to repeat the observation.  The SSC Director reserves the right, in cases where the request for a repeated observation is approved, to place the failed/degraded observations into the public archive immediately.  The request for a repeated observation will not be granted when the PI has committed an error in specifying the AOR.


If an investigator has obtained more than 90% of the data in a planned and approved observing program, and the missing data are not uniquely important for the scientific goals of the program, then the request for a repeated observation will not normally be granted.