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Spitzer Observing Rules

14    Publication and Dissemination of Science Results

It is expected that scientific results obtained through Spitzer Space Telescope observations, archival research, and theoretical investigations will be published in the scientific literature.  All publications based on Spitzer data must carry an appropriate acknowledgement.  Investigators should consult the SSC website for the appropriate acknowledgement template(s) ( 


In papers describing Spitzer results, investigators should provide reference(s) to seminal papers describing the Observatory, including the relevant science instruments.  These references are posted on the SSC website at ( Moreover, the SSC encourages investigators to provide reference(s) to seminal Legacy Science project results, where appropriate (


The publication and dissemination of Spitzer science results is critical in assessing the success of the mission, and its contributions to NASA’s strategic plans in space science.  The Spitzer community is reminded of the important responsibility inherent in utilizing this national resource, and in sharing the scientific results with the general public.  The SSC Director encourages investigators with newsworthy results to utilize the resources and services of the SSC, JPL and NASA to help disseminate important results to the mass media and to the general public.