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Spitzer Observing Rules

3         Declaration of AORs

As a general rule, the earliest description of an approved observation -- via completion of a valid Astronomical Observation Request (AOR) -- shall reserve priority rights in the case of duplication(s).

3.1       Definition of Approved Programs

For General Observer (GO) investigations, the approved programs will consist of abstracts and either of the following: (i) all of the original AORs submitted as part of a GO proposal that has been accepted without any modifications recommended by the TAC, or (ii) a revised list of AORs that has been modified in response to specific TAC recommendations.


For Director’s Discretionary Time (DDT) observations, the approved programs consist of the AORs based on approved DDT proposals and the corresponding abstracts.

3.2       Reserved Observations Catalog

Each Call for Proposals (CP) is accompanied by a Reserved Observations Catalog (ROC), a tabular list of targets and observing modes excerpted from the Science Operations Database.  The ROC includes all AORs previously approved through all Spitzer observing programs.  It also includes AORs resulting from time awarded through the Spitzer Fellowship Program, science quality In-Orbit Checkout/Science Verification observations and the instrument calibrations AORs.


During the time when a CP is active (i.e., between the release of the CP and the selection of observations for the pertinent observing cycle), no major changes are permitted in the ROC.