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Appealing a Decision

The SSC endeavors to uniformly and fairly apply the Spitzer Observing Rules to all observing programs. In the event that an observer wishes to appeal the application or challenge the interpretation of an observing rule that affects their program, they may appeal a decision of the SSC regarding their program.

While the Spitzer Science Center Director is the final authority on all issues regarding the observing rules, requests will be reviewed by Science User Support and SSC staff with relevant expertise for the issue at hand will be consulted as necessary.


To appeal an SSC decision regarding observing rules the observer should send a letter or email to the Helpdesk that clearly defines the issue, identifies the affected observations, and requests a particular remedy. The Assistant Director for Community Affairs will convene a meeting with the necessary participants, make a ruling, and reply to the observer via the Helpdesk. The SSC Director will be consulted about situations which are outside the normal pool of appeal requests. Observers should expect a reply within one week of their request.

By direction of NASA, the SSC Director is the final authority in such matters, and his decision is final. In exceptional circumstances, if the observer is not satisfied with the decision they may appeal directly to the SSC Director. This can be accomplished either by mail or via another request to the Helpdesk requesting the Director to review the decision.

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