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Updated: 23dec2019

Ten percent of the available Spitzer observing time is allocated by the SSC Director as Director's Discretionary Time (DDT), and is intended to facilitate observations that address emerging scientific topics or areas missed in the proposal review process. Investigators wishing to request DDT can do so at any time during the year, by using the DDT submission template and procedures described at the proposal submission page.

The inaugural DDT program was the First Look Survey, which provided an early and representative sample of reliable infrared data. A portion of the Director's DDT was allocated to observations made by the Spitzer Fellows. Several hundred hours of DDT have more recently been devoted to the Frontier Fields program.

The primary utilization of additional DDT programs is in support of community-proposed requests that are based on exceptional, time-critical observing opportunities that cannot be accommodated with the regular cycle of Calls for Proposals. Other DDT usages include innovative observations that extend the scientific capabilities of Spitzer, and extraordinary events and opportunities that necessitate -- in the view of the SSC Director -- observations to be obtained with Spitzer for the benefit of the astronomical community.

DDT requests must include:

  • a strong scientific justification;
  • a description of the long-term legacy value of the program;
  • completed Astronomical Observation Requests (AORs), if possible;
  • a justification for why the request was not submitted during the previous Call for Proposals.

A proposal for DDT might be appropriate in cases where a truly unexpected transient phenomenon occurs or when developments since the previous Spitzer proposal deadline make a time-critical observation necessary. Requests for DDT cannot be used to resubmit all or part of a proposal that was rejected by the normal peer review process.

Recognizing the limited lifetimes for major space astronomy facilities, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory and Spitzer, DDT proposals for rapid follow-up of new discoveries will also be considered. In such cases, the proposing investigator must demonstrate that the observations will provide a critical link in the understanding of the phenomena and that carrying them out quickly is particularly important for planning future observations with major facilities. They should then also indicate their plans for quickly making the scientific community aware of their discoveries, to enable subsequent wider community follow-up.

A request for DDT observations is predicated on the assumption that the proposed observations are urgent, and that the observations will be of interest to the broad scientific community. Therefore, data validation periods for DDT observations will be no more than three months, at which point the data will enter the public domain. The SSC Director reserves the right to make all raw and calibrated data publicly available immediately as a condition for approving a DDT request, particularly where the data involve an unexpected target of opportunity.

Any science data analysis funding awarded to successful DDT proposers is determined using the same formula utilized for funding the current GO cycle.

Click on program user name to view a program's abstract.

Principal Invest. PIDAcceptedProgram User NameProgram Title
A'Hearn, Michael22302/2004 TEMPEL1The Size, Shape, and Albedo of Deep Impact Target 9P/Tempel 1
Abraham, Peter1315904/2017 ABRAHAM_FEB2017Variability at the edge: highly accreting objects in Taurus
Abraham, Peter47703/2008 EXLUPA Spitzer study of the extreme outburst of EX Lup
Abraham, Peter52409/2008 ERUPEXLUPSpectral evolution and dust mixing in the recently erupted disk of EXLup
Adkins, Jeff23903/2005 AGN_GLASTAGN Spectral Energy Distributions of GLAST Telescope Network Program Objects
Adkins, Jeff26903/2006 AGN_GLAST_2AGN Spectral Energy Distributions of GLAST Telescope Network Program Objects II
Agol, Eric1422303/2019 AGO_FEB2019Revisiting and refining the model of TRAPPIST-1 with Spitzer
Allers, Katelyn1323110/2017 ALLERS_SEP2017Measuring the wind speed on a radio-emitting brown dwarf
Andrews, Jennifer7020111/2010 SN2010JLA Search for Dust Formation around the Extremely Bright Type IIn SN 2010jl
Andrews, Jennifer8023901/2012 SN2011JADetecting Dust Around the Brightest Type IIP SN of 2011, SN 2011ja
Appleton, Philip110011/2003 ARP9470 Micron Imaging of Arp 94
Ardila, David48505/2008 STELLARATLASThe Spitzer Spectroscopic Stellar Atlas
Bakos, Gaspar29706/2007 HAT-P-2BHAT-P-2b: A Direct Glimpse at the Stormiest Exoplanet
Ballard, Sarah54112/2009 GJ436CThe First Exoplanet Smaller than the Earth
Barlow, Michael23010/2004 SN2002HHFollow-up observations to the SST discovery of dust emission from SN 2002hh in NGC 6946
Bauer, James26501/2006 CENTAUR_2000EC98Observations of the activating Centaur 2000 EC98
Beatty, Thomas1428405/2019 BEATTY_MAY2019Testing the Formation Pathway of a Transiting Brown Dwarf, Take 2
Beatty, Thomas1429705/2019 BEATTY2_MAY2019Looking For Weather on a Hot Jupiter
Beatty, Thomas8026307/2012 KELT-1B3.6um and 4.5um Secondary Eclipse Observations of the Highly Irradiated Transiting Brown Dwarf KELT-1b
Beichman, Charles22910/2004 GLIESE436_DISKDust around the Planet-bearing M Star Gliese 436
Beichman, Charles52811/2008 HD69830DDTMonitoring the Variability of the HD69830 Zodiacal Cloud
Benneke, Bjorn1425603/2019 BENNEKE_FEB2019Thermal Emission Observations of the Keystone Exoplanet WASP-107b
Benneke, Bjorn1430907/2019 BENNEKE_JUL2019Reconnaissance of the keystone exoplanetary system around the cool dwarf LP 791-18
Berardo, David1421501/2019 BERARDO2019TTV and period measurements of two planets in the bright HIP41378 system
Blackwell, John26803/2006 SF_HI_ZStar Formation in High Redshift Clusters with Spitzer
Bolin, Bryce1433112/2019 BOLIN_DEC2019Spitzer investigation of the first known active Trojan, 2019 LD2
Botticella, Maria Teresa55006/2010 SN2010DNFollow-up observations of SN 2010dn
Bradac, Marusa1316504/2017 BRADAC_FEB2017RELICS of the Cosmic Dawn
Bradac, Marusa1321010/2017 BRADAC_SEP2017RELICS of the Cosmic Dawn
Bradac, Marusa1428105/2019 BRADAC_MAY2019RELICS of the Cosmic Dawn
Brinkworth, Carolyn52911/2008 SDSS1228DDTDust in the disk around the unique single white dwarf SDSS1228+1040
Brodwin, Mark1321410/2017 BRODWIN_SEP2017MaDCoWS: The Most Massive Galaxy Clusters at z ~ 1
Brown, Michael22112/2003 MBROWNMeasuring the Size of Objects beyond Pluto
Brown, Michael24505/2005 XENARadiometric determination of albedos of icy bodies
Burgasser, Adam25109/2004 ABURGASSEROld and Cold: Identifying and Characterizing the Coldest Stellar and Substellar Halo Subdwarfs
Burningham, Ben52711/2008 T8_BENCHMARKThe first T8+ benchmark
Campins, Humberto48103/2008 1999JU3Thermal observations of spacecraft target 1999 JU3
Chapman, Scott1322410/2017 CHAPMAN_SEP2017Characterizing Massive Galaxy Protoclusters at z > 4 with IRAC
Chapman, Scott1421603/2019 CHAPMAN_FEB2019Characterizing A Massive z=4.3 Protocluster with IRAC
Chapman, Scott1431609/2019 CHAPMAN_AUG2019The Highest-Redshift Proto-Cluster, SPT0311
Charbonneau, David22709/2004 TRES_1Taking the Temperature of the New Planet TrES-1
Charbonneau, David26110/2005 VERYHOTThermal Emission from the Newest, Closest, and Brightest Transiting Planet
Charbonneau, David46308/2007 BIGGASSolving the Mystery of the Largest Transiting Planet
Chary, Ranga-Ram1426905/2019 CHARY_MAY2019Placing New Observational Constraints on the Structure of the Zodiacal Dust with the Spitzer/IRAC Shutter
Chary, Ranga-Ram5064703/2008 RCHARY_JD2Spitzer Spectroscopy to Distinguish z>5 Sources of Reionization from z~2 Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Chary, Ranga-Ram53806/2009 GRB090423_DDTGRB090423: A Lighthouse at the Epoch of Reionization
Chen, Christine 24103/2005 CCHENDust to Dust: A Study of Second-Generation Debris in Scorpius-Centaurus
Chen, Sijie1422203/2019 CHEN_FEB2019Probing the nature of long lasting supernova SN2018evt
Chen, Ting-Wan1427305/2019 CHEN_MAY2019First proof of dust formation in superluminous supernovae
Christiansen, Jessie1325301/2018 CHRISTIANSEN_JAN2018Extending and Characterizing an Exoplanet System in a Pristine Chain of Resonances
Chun, Howard23803/2005 BD_IN_ICBDetecting Brown Dwarfs in Interacting Cataclysmic Binaries
Chun, Howard26703/2006 BD_IN_ICB_2Deciphering IR Excess Observed by the Spitzer Space Telescope in Short Period Interacting Cataclysmic Binaries
Churchwell, Ed19511/2003 INNER_GAL_DDTThe SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey (GLIMPSE) Validation Observations
Ciardi, David22507/2004 HERCVSpitzer Observations of a WZ Sge-Type Dwarf Novae in Superoutburst
Cody, Ann Marie1017209/2014 SCORPIUS_K2_DDTSimultaneous Spitzer and K2 monitoring of young accreting stars in Upper Scorpius
Cohen, Martin46409/2007 WISE_CALMatching the Absolute Calibrations of WISE and Spitzer
Cohen, Martin47202/2008 WISESPECIRS spectroscopy of candidate SEP WISE standards
Colbert, James1320710/2017 COLBERT_SEP2017Low Mass AGN: Combining IRAC With Near-IR Grism Spectroscopy
Colbert, James49908/2008 DEEP16Confusion-Limited 16 Micron Imaging: Completing the Spitzer Legacy
Colon, Knicole1322910/2017 COLON_SEP2017The Great Exoplanet Eclipse: Spitzer Observations of the Benchmark Sub-Saturn-Mass Planet KELT-11b
Cooray, Asantha1420307/2018 COORAY_JUN2018Spitzer Imaging of Planck-Herschel Dusty Proto-Clusters at z = 2-3: Completing the Full Sample
Cooray, Asantha54805/2010 HERATLASSpitzer Followup and of Key Discoveries in Herschel-ATLAS Science Demonstration Phase Field
Cooray, Asantha8023612/2011 COORAYZ325Spitzer-IRAC imaging of a Planck-selected Herschel-resolved candidate sub-mm galaxy proto-cluster at z = 3.25
Corsi, Alessandra8025502/2012 PTF11QCJPTF11qcj: First Discovery of a Radio Luminous Ibn Supernova
Crossfield, Ian1316604/2017 CROSSFIELD_FEB2017Confirming the Brightest Transiting Gas Giant
Crossfield, Ian1429005/2019 CROSSFIELD_MAY2019Multiwavelength Phase Curves of a TESS Hot Neptune
Crossfield, Ian1429205/2019 CROSSFIELD2_MAY2019K2's Greatest Hits: Spitzer Transits of 2 Exceptional Worlds
Cruz, Kelle28402/2007 YOUNG_BDSNearby, Young Brown Dwarfs: A Comprehensive Study
Daddi, Emanuele25012/2004 DADDI_BZKGALMid-IR observations of z=2, BzK selected galaxies
Dasyra, Kalliopi49408/2008 DASYRADeep spectroscopic observations of a z=4.3 HyLIRG with indications of Pa alpha and PAH emission
DePoy, Darren26401/2006 SN2005GJInsight into the Progenitor of the Type Ia Supernova 2005gj
Decarli, Roberto1320110/2017 DECARLI_SEP2017Rest-frame optical photometry of a z-7.54 quasar and its environment
Delorme, Philippe1016603/2014 CFBDSIR2149-0403Measuring absolute flux, radius and effective temperature of a benchmark T-Type free-floating planet
Delrez, Laetitia1317507/2017 DELREZ_DDTImproved characterization of the TRAPPIST-1 planets
Deming, Drake1427205/2019 DEMING_MAY2019Secondary Eclipses of Key Exoplanets
Deming, Drake25810/2005 HOTROCKSInfrared Photometry of the Hot Earth Orbiting Gliese 876
Deming, Drake26010/2005 VHJIRSInfrared Photometry of the Very Hot Jupiter Orbiting HD 189733
Demory, Brice-Olivier8026105/2012 GJ3470BCharacterization of a Low-density Exo-Neptune
Desert, Jean-Michel54202/2010 GJ1214Probing the atmosphere of the coolest super-Earth
Devore, Harlan23402/2005 ARP102BThe Supermassive Black Hole in Arp102B
Dickinson, Mark19603/2003 GOODS_DDTGreat Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS) Validation Observations
Dittmann, Jason1208210/2015 JDITTMANNA Search for Sub-Earth Sized Transiting Planets 12 Parsecs from the Sun
Dittmann, Jason1317406/2017 LHS1140_DDTA Search for Exomoons and TTVs from LHS 1140b, a nearby super-Earth orbiting in the habitable-zone of an M dwarf
Dole, Herve1424503/2019 DOLE_FEB2019A Zoom on Planck, Herschel High-z high-SFR Galaxy Clusters
Dole, Herve8023801/2012 HDOLE_DDTSpitzer unveils the nature of high-z (2<z<4) overdensities selected by Planck & Herschel
Donahue, Megan48808/2008 MEGANInfrared Properties of a Control Sample of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
Dong, Subo1325011/2017 J0507First Mass Measurement of a 'Domestic' Microlens
Donnarumma, Immacolata46912/2007 DONNARUMMAJoint Spitzer and AGILE observations of the blazar 3C 454.3
Dupuy, Trent8023309/2011 WISE_PARALLAXESParallaxes for the Coldest WISE Brown Dwarfs
Eales, Stephen1423003/2019 EALES_FEB2019The Extreme Galaxy Legacy Project
Egami, Eiichi54504/2010 IRAC_LENS_DDTMore of the The IRAC Lensing Survey
Eisenhardt, Peter54906/2010 WISE1814+34Deep IRAC Imaging of the z=2.45 Hyper-Luminous IR Galaxy WISE 1814+34
Ellis, Richard28010/2006 LBGIMGIRS Spectroscopy of a Typical Lyman Break Galaxy
Elmegreen, Bruce1427805/2019 ELMEGREEN_MAY2019Deep Observations of the WLM Disk
Emery, Joshua28903/2007 1999RQ36Thermal Observations of OSIRIS target 1999 RQ36
Emery, Joshua8023209/2011 OSIRISREX_DDTPhysical characterization of Near-Earth objects: OSIRIS-REx targets
Enoch, Melissa28602/2007 MENOCHProtosteller Evolution in the Main Accretion Phase
Enoch, Melissa5053603/2008 FHSCPROPDetecting the First Hydrostatic Core with Deep 70 micron Imaging
Erb, Dawn47305/2008 ERBThe Physics of High Redshift Galaxies: Star Formation, Chemistry and Gas Flows
Espaillat, Catherine1322710/2017 ESPAILLAT_SEP2017Connecting mass accretion and ejection in pre-main sequence stars
Evans, Aneurin27003/2006 RSOPHSpitzer observations of the 2006 eruption of RS Ophiuchi
Evans, Aneurin7020604/2011 T_PYX_DDTT Pyx: a long-overdue recurrent nova
Evans, Neal23201/2005 L1014_ADeep IRAC and MIPS 160 Imaging of L1014
Evans, Tom1324210/2017 EVANS_SEP2017A global map of the atmospheric circulation and thermal structure for an ultrahot exoplanet
Fabrycky, Daniel1012711/2013 TTVFABRYCKYTwo Eyes on the Prize: Revealing the Complete Architectures of Planetary Systems through Transit Timing with Kepler and Spitzer
Faherty, Jacqueline1429905/2019 FAHERTY_MAY2019Cold new worlds from a citizen science project
Farihi, Jay1118204/2015 DOUBLEDUSTYA Double Dusty Dilemma
Farihi, Jay1321610/2017 FARIHI_SEP2017A Changing Legacy for Dead Rock Stars
Farihi, Jay1425803/2019 FARIHI_FEB2019The Second Life of Planetary Systems: Youthful Variability in White Dwarf Debris Disks
Farihi, Jay1426104/2019 FARIHI_APR2019A Second Transiting White Dwarf System
Fazio, Giovanni1203410/2015 GCVAR12Understanding How a Black Hole Feeds: Sgr A*
Fazio, Giovanni7020402/2011 ERSThe Spitzer Ultra-Deep Survey of the HST/ERS Field
Fernandez, Yanga109503/2003 FELLCOMETS1Physical Evolution of Comets and Cometary Dust
Flagey, Nicolas53303/2009 FLAGEY_DDTSpectroscopic survey of 24 microns selected dust-free SNR candidates
Fox, Ori1118307/2015 V404CYGBHV404 Cyg - an Interacting Black-Hole Low-Mass X-ray Binary
Fraine, Jonathan1324510/2017 FRAINE_SEP2017Maximizing JWST GTO Observations of HAT-P-26b with Time-Critical Spitzer Eclipse Measurements
Fressin, Francois53403/2009 COROT-EXO-7BCoRoT-Exo-7b: Confirming the first transiting rocky planet
Gallagher, Sarah109711/2004 SCGMeasuring the Far Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of a Complete Sample of Broad Absorption Line Quasars
Gillon, Michael1118002/2015 HARPS-N-1A 4 Earth-mass Planet Transiting a Naked-Eye Star?
Gillon, Michael1212601/2016 TRAPPIST_DDTOn the eclipsing binary nature of a nearby ultracool dwarf
Gillon, Michael1213002/2016 GILLON_DDT2016On the eclipsing binary nature of a nearby ultracool dwarf
Gillon, Michael1315804/2017 GILLON_FEB2017Search for the transits of super-Earths orbiting nearby M-dwarfs
Gillon, Michael48605/2008 EXO-2BFirst atmospheric study of the young massive planet CoRoT-Exo-2b
Gillon, Michael49508/2008 HD40307BHD 40307b, the first transiting Super-Earth?
Gillon, Michael6002712/2008 SPITZERTRANSITDetecting the Transits of Nearby Super-Earths
Gillon, Michael8023107/2011 55_CNC_EThe first detection of the thermal emission from a solid exoplanet
Gizis, John1016703/2014 W0607_24LDWARFSimultaneous Spitzer and Kepler K2 Observa tions of a Bright, Nearby L8 dwarf
Gonzalez, Anthony49608/2008 ANTHONYBULLET2IRS Observations of a Strongly Lensed LIRG Behind the Bullet Cluster
Goobar, Ariel8026207/2012 SN2012CGObservations of SN2012cg
Gorjian, Varoujan1016301/2014 NGC5548A Coordinated Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescope Study of NGC 5548
Gorjian, Varoujan28312/2006 IRAC-GAVRTRelationship Between Black Hole Mass and Their Infrared Brightness to Synchrotron Radio Emission Ratio
Gorjian, Varoujan48405/2008 NGC4051IRAC Monitoring of NGC 4051 for Interday Variability
Gorjian, Varoujan52611/2008 FAIRALL9Capturing the Rare Spectral Change in a Nearby Seyfert
Gould, Andrew1003611/2013 MICROLENSBULGESpitzer Microlens Planets and Parallaxes
Gould, Andrew1201510/2015 ANDREWGOULDK2SYNERGYDegeneracy Breaking for K2 Microlens Parallaxes
Gould, Andrew25307/2005 OGLEIIAdded Observation of Ongoing Microlensing Event
Grunblatt, Samuel1323710/2017 GRUNBLATT_SEP2017Measuring Precise Radii of Giants Orbiting Giants to Distinguish Between Planet Evolution Models
Harrington, Joseph25407/2005 HOTSAT8-Micron Photometry of the "Hot Saturn" HD 149026b During Its Secondary Eclipse
Harrington, Joseph6000312/2008 JH-ESP-TOO-2009The Spitzer Exoplanetary Atmosphere Survey
Harris, Alan27103/2006 DONQUSize, Albedo, and Taxonomy of the Don Quijote Space Mission Target
Hayatsu, Natsuki1427105/2019 HAYATSU_MAY2019Unveiling the stellar mass of Darth Vader
Hebrard, Guillaume54011/2009 HD80606B_JAN2010First complete transit observation of the 111-day-period planet HD80606b
Helou, George26210/2005 UDSSSAn Ultra-Deep Spitzer Spectral Survey
Helou, George53604/2009 5MUSES_DDTSecond-Look Observations of Extreme 5MUSES Sources
Helou, George7020706/2011 M51_SNThe young nearby supernova PTF11eon/2011dh: Mid-IR followup to an evolving puzzle
Hillenbrand, Lynne1016502/2014 W4_FUORICaught in the Act: An FU Orionis Outburst from a Previously Uncatalogued Star
Hillenbrand, Lynne1421110/2018 HILLENBRAND_OCT2018Followup of an Interesting NEOWISE + Gaia Source
Hines, Dean46711/2007 URANUS_EQUINOXSpitzer/IRS Observations of Uranus at Equinox
Hinz, Joannah48908/2008 M31DEEPMIPS Imaging of M31
Hoard, Donald29907/2007 AMHERBOOMCircumbinary Dust in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables - Bright State of AM Her
Howell, Steve29506/2007 WZSGE_HOWELLThe First Spitzer Photometry of WZ Sge: A proposal to search for its circumbinary dust disk and to understand the brown dwarf secondary star
Howell, Steve47903/2008 ZCHASpitzer Light Curve of Z Cha
Howell, Steve53503/2009 E_AURIGAEEarly Science - Epsilon Aurigae
Indebetouw, Remy24912/2004 REMY-SFO1Massive Star Formation Across our Galaxy and Beyond
Ingalls, James49108/2008 INGALLSDDTMolecular Hydrogen Emission from Galaxies: The Cirrus Connection
Jarrett, Thomas48204/2008 WISENGC6552IRS-LL Observation of the WISE Calibrator NGC 6552
Jayaraman, Sumita109910/2003 EARTHRINGExploration of the Earth's Resonant Ring
Jenkins, James1315509/2016 PROX_CENSearch for Transits by the Earth Analogue around Proxima Centauri
Jura, Michael27505/2006 MIKEGTOProbing DAZ White Dwarfs for Warm and Cool Dust
Kasliwal, Mansi1320210/2017 NGC4993_DDTHunt for infrared photons from the first binary neutron star merger
Kasliwal, Mansi54705/2010 PTF10FQS_DDTPTF10fqs: A Luminous Red Nova in the Spiral Messier 99
Kasliwal, Mansi7020212/2010 PTF10ACBP_DDTPTF10acbp: A Luminous Red Nova in the Spiral UGC11973
Kelley, Michael1016402/2014 C2013_A1_SIDINGSPRINGThe Siding Spring Hazard at Mars
Kelley, Michael1017309/2014 C2013_A1_SIDINGSPRING_2CO2 Impacts on the Martian Atmosphere
Kelley, Michael54403/2010 P2010_A2The Peculiar Object P/2010 A2 (LINEAR)
Kessler-Silacci, Jacqueline109807/2003 KESSLER_FELLOWSHIPCrystalline Silicates in Circumstellar Accretion Disks
Kilic, Mukremin47405/2008 KILICA New Approach for Finding Planets and Brown Dwarfs Around White Dwarfs
Kilpatrick, Charles1428805/2019 KILPATRICK_MAY2019Constraining the Final Decline of the Kilonova AT 2017gfo
Kipping, David53705/2009 HD80606B_DDTA unique opportunity: The transiting planet with the longest year
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy1422403/2019 KIRKPATRICK_FEB2019Spitzer Parallaxes of Missing Members of the 20-pc Sample: Cold Brown Dwarfs Discovered by Backyard Worlds and CatWISE
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy1432611/2019 KIRK_NOV2019Finalizing Spitzer Parallaxes for a Volume-limited Sample of Brown Dwarfs
Knight, Matthew8023701/2012 C2011W3_LOVEJOYThe First Detailed IR Observations of a Sungrazing Comet: C/2011 W3 Lovejoy
Kochanek, Christopher1118103/2015 STELLARMERGA Steller Merger In Andromeda
Kotak, Rubina47101/2008 SN2007SRMid-infrared observations of a bright, new, thermonuclear supernova in the Antennae Galaxy
Kotak, Rubina9025512/2012 SN2009IPSpitzer observations of a possible supernova in the making
Kraemer, Kathleen1422102/2019 KRAEMER_FEB2019Observing IRS Standards with IRAC
Krafton, Kelsie1323910/2017 KRAFTON_SEP2017Early Observations of the Dust in the New CCSN 2017eaw
Krause, Oliver23111/2004 CASA_CSpitzer imaging of a superluminal jet from the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A
Krause, Oliver23301/2005 CASA_DSpitzer reobservation of a superluminal jet from the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A
Kreidberg, Laura1316704/2017 KREIDBERG_FEB2017First Atmosphere Characterization of the Benchmark Exo-Neptune WASP-107b
Kreidberg, Laura1420409/2018 KREIDBERG_SEP2018A Test for the Existence of An Atmosphere on a Terrestrial Exoplanet Orbiting a Small Star
Kulkarni, Shrinivas27606/2006 M85VARA new class of transients
Kulkarni, Shrinivas47803/2008 GRB080319BSpitzer Observations of the Naked Eye GRB080319B
Kulkarni, Varsha 27706/2006 DUSTYABSInfrared Observations of Dusty Quasar Absorption Systems: Dust Composition and Absorber Environment
Lacy, Mark1322110/2017 LACY_SEP2017Spitzer observations of the field of the hyperluminous quasar HE0515-4414
Lacy, Mark1424603/2019 LACY_FEB2019Spitzer observations of the MeerKAT-D2 deep radio field
Lacy, Mark24706/2005 A2218DEEPAn ultra-deep IRS spectrum to search for Halpha emission from the galaxies which reionized the Universe
Lacy, Mark27906/2006 A2219VHIZIRS Verification of Candidate z>8 Sources
Lacy, Mark5026203/2008 LACY_DARKFIELDSpectroscopic confirmation of two candidate z~8 galaxies with IRS
Laine, Seppo1420610/2018 LAINE_OCT2018Predicted Eddington Flare from Blazar OJ 287 and the First Observational Test of the Black Hole No-Hair Theorem
Lamy, Philippe22201/2004 COMET_CG_DDT1Measuring the Size and Shape of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the Target of the Rosetta Mission
Lau, Ryan1316304/2017 LAU_FEB2017AA Continued Census of Mid-IR Variability from ULXs
Lau, Ryan1427005/2019 LAU_MAY2019Monitoring the Enigmatic Behavior of the Supernova Impostor 2010da a.k.a. NGC 300 ULX1
Le Floc'h, Emeric27204/2006 DARK_GRB_DDTProbing the Dark Side of the Cosmic Evolution Using Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts
Lecavelier, Alain54604/2010 COROT-9BSearch for rings and satellites around the temperate exoplanet CoRoT-9b
Leggett, Sandy28110/2006 COOLYTIRAC Colors for T/Y Dwarf Candidate ULAS0034--00
Levan, Andrew1431709/2019 LEVAN_SEP2019Do collapsars create the heaviest elements?
Levan, Andrew8023410/2011 GRB111005ASearch for a supernova in a GRB at 55 Mp
Lewis, Nikole1011810/2013 DYNAMIC_PLANETSDynamic Studies of Exoplanet Atmospheres: Revisiting the 3.6 micron Phase Curve of HD209458b (AORs for this observation are in program 60021)
Lewis, Nikole1118509/2015 HATP2Understanding Eccentric Behavior in the HAT-P-2 System: Orb ital Evolution and Stellar Heartbeats
Lisse, Carey29103/2007 COMET_MCNAUGHTIRS Observations of the Primeval Dust and Nucleus Surface of the Extraordinary Comet of 2007, C/McNaught 2006 (P1)
Lisse, Carey46008/2007 EPOXIRecovery and Characterization of the NASA EPOXI Mission Target Comet 85P/Boethin
Lisse, Carey8025602/2012 ETA_CORVIIRAC View of a Late Heavy Comet Bombardment in the eta Corvi System
Lisse, Carey9026105/2013 ISONDDTWarm Spitzer Characterization of Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
Lucas, Philip8025904/2012 WIT-01An Extreme Variable in the Galactic Plane
Luhman, Kevin1016804/2014 WISE0855-0714Characterizing Our 4th Closest Neighbor and the Coldest Known Brown Dwarf
Luhman, Kevin5001303/2008 KLUHMANYA Search for Y Dwarf Companions to Nearby Stars and Brown Dwarfs
Luhman, Kevin7020301/2011 WD0806-661Confirmation of a Candidate for the Coolest Known Brown Dwarf
Mahoney, William25708/2005 PULSEITSpitzer Measurements of Pulsar Infrared Light Curves
Mainzer, Amanda46812/2007 1862APOLLOUsing IRAC to Measure the Yarkovsky Effect for 1862 Apollo
Mainzer, Amanda55106/2010 LYRA1Follow-up Observations of Lyra1
Malkan, Matthew29606/2007 JDROPConfirming a z~10 galaxy with IRAC
Mamajek, Eric1422703/2019 MAMAJEK_FEB2019Characterizing a newborn warm Jupiter-sized exoplanet
Mann, Andrew1321210/2017 MANN_SEP2017A Young Three-Planet System in the Hyades
Markwick-Kemper, Francisca109403/2003 CKEMPERThe composition and evolution of dust in astrophysical environments
Marocco, Federico1427905/2019 MOROCCO_MAY2019Characterization of one of the coldest known brown dwarfs
Marocco, Federico1430707/2019 MAROCCO_MAY2019Confirming that CWISEP J1446-2317 is the coldest brown dwarf known
Marocco, Federico1432912/2019 FEDE_DEC2019Identifying the coldest brown dwarfs in the Solar neighborhood
Mattila, Seppo1322610/2017 MATTILA_SEP2017Spitzer study of an extreme tidal disruption event in a luminous infrared galaxy
Mattila, Seppo1423903/2019 MATTILA_FEB2019Spitzer study of extreme TDEs
McCollum, Bruce8025804/2012 V1309_SCOInfrared Evolution of a Stellar Merger
McCullough, Peter52511/2008 OX3BThermal Inversion in the atmosphere of XO-3b
McKay, Adam1325201/2018 MCKAY_DEC2017Measuring the Hypervolatile Abundance in Comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS)
Meadows, Victoria27304/2006 SHOWERSpitzer Observations of the Enceladus Plume
Megeath, Tom1430105/2019 MEGEATH_MAY2019A final epoch of YSO variability in Orion
Meng, Huan1212412/2015 DDT_KIC8462852'Where's the flux' star: Exocomets, or Giant Impact?
Metchev, Stanimir24404/2005 METCHEV_DDTCircumstellar Disks and Sub-Stellar Objects
Miles-Paez, Paulo1425703/2019 MILES-PAEZ_FEB2019Confirming the First Exoplanet around an L Dwarf
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