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GO-10 Programs

Issued: 22 Oct 2013

Updated: 21 Jul2014

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Priority 1 and 2 Exploration Science
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Capak, Peter10042SPLASH2SPLASH: Spitzer Large Area Survey with Hyper-Suprime-Cam
Johnston, Kathryn10015SMASH2013SMASH: Spitzer Merger History and Shape of the Galactic Halo
Priority 1 and 2
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Ashby, Matthew10088MLNASHBYDIBS: The Decadal IRAC Bootes Survey
Assef, Roberto10108ASSEF_DUAL_AGNResolved Mid-Infrared Imaging of Dual AGN
Barber, Sara10062MASSIVEDISKSCYCLE10Massive White Dwarfs Host Debris Disks
Biller, Beth10061EXOPLANETVARIABILITYA Search for Variability in a Young Planet
Bock, James10147ZEMCOVThe North Ecliptic Pole Extragalactic Background LIght Fluctuations Survey
Brodwin, Mark10101BRODWINC10The Most Massive, High Redshift Galaxy Clusters in the Universe
Burgasser, Adam10031ABURGASSER-CYCLE10Weather on a Room-Temperature World: A First Test of Ice Cloud Models on WD 0806-661B
Carey, Sean10146ALPHACENBBSearching for the transit of Alpha Centauri B b
Coe, Dan10140MACS0647-JDAge, Stellar Mass, and Rest-Frame UV Slope of a z ~ 11 Galaxy
Colbert, James10041WISPMASS3Mass Assembly In The WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallels Survey
Corsi, Alessandra10083PTF11QCJ_REFERENCEMeasuring the IR emission from the host galaxy of PTF11qcj
Crossfield, Ian10078PHASERSA Homogeneous Phase Curve Sample for Global Atmospheric Retrieval
Dragomir, Diana10105DDRAGOMIRCharacterizing the atmosphere of the warm super-Earth HD 97658b
Dupuy, Trent10149YS_PLXParallaxes for the Coldest WISE Brown Dwarfs
Dwek, Eli 10038SN1987A_CYCLE10Probing Dust Evolution in the Equatorial Ring and Ejecta of SNR 1987A
Eufrasio, Rafael10121NGC_6872_TDGNGC 6872's Tidal Dwarf Galaxy
Fabrycky, Daniel10127TTVFABRYCKYTwo Eyes on the Prize: Revealing the Complete Architectures of Planetary Systems through Transit Timing with Kepler and Spitzer
Fadda, Dario10053ABELL85Evolution of dwarfs in the filament-cluster system Abell 85
Fazio, Giovanni10060GCVAR10Watching a supermassive black hole eat -- Sgr A* and cloud G2
Fox, Ori10139MASSLOSSProbing Pre-Supernova Mass Loss With Circumstellar Dust Shells
Gianninas, Alexandros10107ALEXGThe Origin of Metals in Extremely Low Mass White Dwarfs
Gorjian, Varoujan10125ZW229Continuing Ground- and Space-Based Variability Monitoring of Zw 229-015
Gould, Andrew10036MICROLENSBULGESpitzer Microlens Planets and Parallaxes
Ho, Luis10052SHUANGDeep Imaging and Structure Decomposition of Nearby Elliptical Galaxies
Hoard, Donald10008GO10_EPSAURAs the Disk Turns... Monitoring the Azimuthal Thermal Gradient of the Irradiated Dust Disk in Epsilon Aurigae
Holwerda, Benne10059OCGThe Effective Extinction Law in Overlapping Galaxy Pairs
Jiang, Linhua10055QUASARJIANGDeep Spitzer/IRAC Imaging of the Subaru Deep Field*
Jura, Michael10032VARIABILITYInfrared Variability of Dusty White Dwarfs?
Kasliwal, Mansi10136SPIRITS10SPIRITS: SPitzer InfraRed Intensive Transients Survey
Kasliwal, Mansi10152PTFSN10Spitzer Characterization of Transients from the Palomar Transient Factory
Knutson, Heather10054COLD_PLANETSExploring the Relationship Between Planet Mass and Atmospheric Metallicity
Kochanek, Christopher10081KOCHANEKDust to Dust: Monitoring the Evolution of the New Class of Self-Obscured Transients
Levan, Andrew100891644_SPITZERA last look at the relativistic tidal disruption Swift J1644+57
Lewis, Nikole10103LEWIS_ECL_MAPExoplanet Atmospheres in High Definition: 3D Eclipse Mapping of HD 209458b and HD 189733b
Lunnan, Ragnhild10056SLSN_CYCLE10The Beasts' Lair: A Spitzer Survey of the Host Galaxies of Superluminous Supernovae
Marchesini, Danilo10084DM_CYCLE10_UMGUnveiling the Most Massive Galaxies in the Universe: IRAC Mapping of the NMBSII/CFHTLS Fields
Mattila, Seppo10086MATTILAInfrared outburst in Arp 299
McKay, Adam10072ISON_PANSTARRSObservations of CO2 in Comets C/2012 S1 ISON and C/2012 K1 PANSTARRS
Mommert, Michael10109MOMMERMI(Not yet) Dead Comets in the Near-Earth Object Population
Montet, Benjamin10122LHS6343CLHS 6343C: Precise Constraints on the Atmospheric Parameters of an Effectively Isolated Brown Dwarf
Nesvadba, Nicole10014PUSH_LENSEDSpitzer unveils extreme Planck & Herschel lensed sources and their lenses
Oesch, Pascal10076SCDEEP10The ultra-deep IRAC Legacy over GOODS: From the Earliest Galaxies to the Peak of Cosmic Star-Formation
Pinfield, David10135DP_SPITZERA deep search for Y dwarfs to the WISE limit
Pinilla-Alonso, Noemi10128NPA_PKUTO_CYCLE10Rotationally Resolved Study Of The Surface Of Pluto In Support Of NASA New Horizons Mission
Radigan, Jacqueline10158RADIGAN_CYCLE10Mid-Infrared Variability of Our New Nearby Neighbor
Sanders, David10046SANDERSDBSCompleting the Deep IRAC1,2 Imaging of the (U)LIRG Merger Sequence: the pre-merger galaxies and post-merger remnants
Sargent, Benjamin10154BSARGENTC10Following Up the First Light Curves of the Dustiest, Most Extreme Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in the LMC and SMC
Sheth, Kartik10043KARTIK111Not Dead Yet! Completing Spitzer's Legacy with Early Type Galaxies
Stern, Daniel10098NUSTARWarm Spitzer Imaging of NuSTAR Fields
Trilling, David10132ARRM2011MDConstraining the size, density, and mass of ARRM mission target 2011 MD
Vieira, Joaquin10094JVIEIRAHigh-Redshift Starburst Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope: Unveiling the stellar histories of strongly lensed starburst galaxies with ALMA and Spitzer
Werner, Michael10067SPIKESSpiKeS: Spitzer Kepler Survey
Priority 3

These programs are unlikely to schedule unless gaps develop in the schedule where no priority 1 or 2 programs can schedule.

Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Exploration Science
Caputi, Karina10019CAPUTI10_SMUVSSMUVS: Spitzer Matching survey of the UltraVISTA ultra--deep Stripes*
Deming, Drake10102NEWECLIPSESEclipses of New Giant Exoplanets
General Observer
Faherty, Jacqueline10138YAR!The Young and the Restless: Revealing the Turbulent, Cloudy Nature of Young Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets*
Hora, Joseph10013CAYGX_VARYSO variability in Massive Star-forming Regions*
Hora, Joseph 10012IRDCSURVEYA Survey for Outflows in Infrared Dark Clouds
Meidt, Sharon10096CALIFAIRACUncovering Dark Matter in Galaxies Across the Hubble Sequence
Rieke, George10157VAR_DISK_CYCLE10Extrasolar Giant Impacts in Real Time

* No observations were executed for this program.