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GO-11 Programs

Issued: 15 Dec 2014

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Exploration Science
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Caputi, Karina11016SMUVS_CY11SMUVS: Spitzer Matching survey of the UltraVISTA ultra-deep Stripes
Gould, Andrew11006,11190,
ANDREWGOULDGalactic Distribution of Planets from Spitzer Microlens Parallaxes
Kasliwal, Mansi11063SPIRITS11SPIRITS: SPitzer InfraRed Intensive Transients Survey
Labbe, Ivo11134GREATSGREATS: GOODS Re-ionization Era wide-Area Treasury from Spitzer
Lacy, Mark11086DEEPDRILLA warm Spitzer survey of the LSST/DES 'Deep drilling' fields
Metchev, Stanimir11174GEOMETRYA Paradigm Shift in Substellar Classification: Understanding the Apparent Diversity of Substellar Atmospheres through Viewing Geometry
Trilling, David11002NEOSURVEYAn Exploration Science Survey of Near Earth Object Properties
Priority 1 and 2
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Artigau, Etienne11092ARTIGAUDirect Imaging of Jupiter and Saturn-mass planets in wide orbit around nearby young stars
Beatty, Thomas11095KELT1PHASEPhase Curve Observations of the Irradaited Transiting Brown Dwarf KELT-1b
Bleem, Lindsey11096BLEEMLSpitzer Imaging of Massive z>1 SZ-Selected Galaxy Clusters
Boyer, Martha11041MBOYERLightcurves of the Dominant Dust Producers in Metal-poor Environments
Cartwright, Richard11112RCARTWRINorth Polar Surfaces of the Uranian Moons: Coated with CO2 Frost?
Crossfield, Ian11044PHASER2Bright Hot Jupiters: Phase Curves and Doppler Spectroscopy
Cushing, Michael 11141JYVARWEATHEROBSA Spitzer/HST Case Study of Weather on a Y Dwarf
Decarli, Roberto11030RDHIGHZQSOSA Spitzer legacy view on high-z QSOs
Dole, Herve11004BOLTSGO11Planck, Herschel & Spitzer unveil overdense z>2 regions
Dragomir, Diana11131SEARTHSA Comparative Study of Super-Earth Atmospheres
Dupuy, Trent11147PARALLAXYParallaxes for the Coldest Brown Dwarfs
Durkan, Stephen11102FOLLOW-UPAstrometric Follow Up of Wide Planetary Candidates
Dwek, Eli 11023SN1987A_CYCLE11SN 1987A: On the wane?
Espaillat, Catherine11071ESPAILLAT_GMAUR_VARExploring the Dust-Gas Connection in the Protoplanetary Disk of GM Aur
Finkelstein, Steven11121STEVENFSearching the Sky for the Brightest Galaxies in the Distant Universe
Fox, Ori11053MOORDUSTProbing Pre-Supernova Mass Loss With Circumstellar Dust Shells
Gonzalez, Anthony11080ANTHONYHGONZALEZSnapshots of Massive Galaxy Clusters at z~1 from the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey
Gorjian, Varoujan11065SDSS-RMInfrared Reverberation Mapping of 30 Quasars from the SDSS Reverberation Mapping Project
Hodapp, Klaus11028HODAPP_NIRCAM_PREPDeep Extinction Mapping in Molecular Cores
Janson, Markus11029VEGAFOLLOWUPFollow-up of Candidate Companions to Vega
Jones, Olivia11103M32VARInfrared Variable Stars in M32
Kelley, Michael11106COMETTRENDSCO2 Orbital Trends in Comets
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy11059DAVY4Understanding the Diversity of Y Dwarfs
Knight, Matthew11104P1999R1P/1999 R1: Sunskirting comet or asteroid?
Kochanek, Christopher11084KOCHANEK2Dust to Dust: Monitoring the Evolution of the New Class of Self-Obscured Transient
Kreidberg, Laura11099EXO_FRONTIERSExploring the Frontier of Exoplanet Atmosphere Dynamics with NASA's Great Observatories
Lonsdale, Carol11013NVSSWISEEnvironments of radio-midinfrared selected ultraluminous AGN
Luhman, Kevin11056KLUHMAN12Characterizing Water Ice Clouds on the Coldest Known Brown Dwarf
MacLennan, Eric11145EMACLENNRegolith Size Sorting on Q-type NEAs
Marengo, Massimo11139MARENGO_ETACORVIIRAC Monitoring of the Late Heavy Comet Bombardment in the eta Corvi System
Mattila, Seppo11076ARP299Infrared outburst in Arp 299
McCollum, Bruce11062BMCCMonitoring Young Evolving Mergers
Perez-Fournon, Ismael11107IPFSpitzer IRAC imaging of the most extreme starbursts in the early Universe discovered with Herschel
Pinilla-Alonso, Noemi11090NPA_SPITZERCYCLE11_PLUTORotationally resolved study of the surface of Pluto during NASA New Horizons flyby of the system
Radigan, Jacqueline11132BDHAZESConstraining Dust Hazes at the L/T Transition via Variability
Rozitis, Ben11097RAPIDASTEROIDSThermal Emission Light-Curves of Rapidly Rotating Asteroids
Rusu, Cristian11125EDUARDRUSUQuantifying the line-of-sight mass distributions for time-delay lenses with stellar masses
Sargent, Benjamin11163BSARGENT_CY11Spitzer Light Curves of Dusty AGB Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Stevenson, Kevin11001KBSThe Newest Hot Jupiter Archetype Through the Eyes of NASA's Great Observatories, Part 2 of 2
Su, Kate11093DISKVARDebris Disk Variability: Observational Test Bed for Probing Terrestrial Planet Formation
Swaters, Robert11115DISKMASS2016An Absolute Calibration of Stellar Mass for IRAC 3.6 Micron Data
Wardlow, Julie11079HELMS1028The stellar populations in the earliest dusty starburst galaxies
Werner, Michael11026SPITZERK2Spitzer vs. K2
Priority 3

These programs are unlikely to schedule unless gaps develop in the schedule where no priority 1 or 2 programs can schedule.

Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Cowan, Nicolas11073MISFITSRounding Up the Misfits: Eclipses, Transits, and Phases of Three Peculiar Hot Jupiters
Deacon, Niall111618PCPLANETIdentifying wide, cold planets within 8pc
Demory, Brice-Olivier1108955CNCEPHASEA Benchmark Infrared Characterisation of the Super-Earth 55 Cnc e
Perley, Daniel11116SWIFTSPITZERHOSTThe Spitzer/Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxy Extended Legacy Survey