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GO-12 Programs

Issued: 26 Oct 2015

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Priority 1 and 2
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Allers, Katelyn12112ABDORVARVariability of Two Young L/T Transition Brown Dwarfs
Beatty, Thomas12096KELT11TRANSITA Spitzer Transit of the Most Inflated Planet Known, Around an Extremely Bright Sub-giant Star
Bedell, Megan12114MBEDELLA transiting super-Earth around a solar twin with evidence for planet accretion?
Benjamin, Robert12023GLIMPSEPROPERGLIMPSE Proper: Mid-Infrared Observations of Proper Motion and Variability Towards Galactic Center
Benneke, Bjorn12081BBENNEKE1983Probing the Compositions of Two Habitable Zone Super-Earths
Biller, Beth12060T_EXOVARThe First Search for Weather in a T-Type Planetary Mass Object
Biller, Beth12002PSO318_22Exometeorology: Characterizing Weather on a Young Free-Floating Planet
Bleem, Lindsey12073SPTPOL_BLEEMSpitzer Imaging of Distant Galaxy Clusters Discovered by the South Pole Telescope Polarimeter
Bouwens, Rychard12058BORG911The Brightest Galaxies at Cosmic Dawn: Securing the Largest Samples of z=9-11 galaxies for JWST by leveraging the HST archive with Spitzer/IRAC.
Bozhinova, Inna12051V2737ORIMapping the circumstellar environment of a young very low mass star
Bradac, Marusa12005SRELICSRELICS of the Cosmic Dawn
Brodwin, Mark12101BRODWINC12Determining the Role of Merging in the Growth of the Galaxy Cluster Population in the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey
Casey, Caitlin12074CMCASEYStellar masses for thousands of z>1 resolved, dusty starbursts
Chu, Laurie12047LEUCHUContinuation of Deep Extinction Mapping in Molecular Cores
Cody, Ann Marie12113ACODYSimultaneous Spitzer and K2 monitoring of young stars in the Lagoon Nebula
Colbert, James12093WISPMASS4Measuring Low Mass Galaxies In The WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallels Survey
Deming, Drake120852PLANETSSpitzer Secondary Eclipses of Two Hubble-observed Exoplanets
Dragomir, Diana1207755CNCEThe Nature of 55 Cancri e
Egami, Eiichi12095EGAMI_SNAPSHOTIRAC Snapshot Imaging of Massive-Cluster Gravitational Lenses Observed by the Herschel Lensing Survey
Espaillat, Catherine12036CESPAILLATFootprints of the Magnetosphere: the Star-Disk Connection in T Tauri Stars
Farihi, Jay12103COSIRAC2Extending our Unbiased Survey for Disks Around White Dwarfs; One Foot in Terra Incognita
Flaherty, Kevin12090CHAI_TIME_SHORTStudying Inner Protoplanetary Disk Structure through its Rapid and Gradual Variability
Fox, Ori12086INTERACTINGIAMid-Infrared Signatures from Type Ia Supernovae Strongly Interacting with a Circumstellar Medium
Fraser, Morgan12099FRASER_09IPDust in the interacting transient SN 2009ip
Gillon, Michael12031HD219134CA Multiple-Transiting Super-Earth System at 6.5pc ?
Gould, Andrew12013,12136,
ANDREWGOULDHIGHMAGGalactic Distribution of Planets From High-Magnification Microlensing Events
Grillmair, Carl12076TRACSSSTRACSSS - Tracing Cold Stellar Streams with Spitzer
Kochanek, Christopher12063KOCHANEKBMonitoring the M31 Stellar Merger Transient
Kraemer, Kathleen12059IRS2IRACTying the IRS to IRAC
Krafton, Kelsie12084SNIIDUSTContinuous Dust Formation in Type II SNe
Lefevre, Charlene12027DUST_L134Dust evolution in L134
Liss, Sandra12068TNT_DDMInfrared Colors of Dwarf-Dwarf Galaxy Interactions
Ly, Chun12104DEEP2_OIII4363The Stellar Population of Metal-Poor Galaxies at z~1
Mommert, Michael12043CO2COIN324PSearch for CO2/CO Band Emission in Active Asteroid 324P
Newman, Andrew12003EQGSEarly Quiescent Galaxies Under the Magnifying Glass
Parsons, Steven12106SDSS1557A Double Dusty Dilemma - IRAC Flux Changes in Circumbinary Debris Disk
Petigura, Erik12107EPIC2037Orbit and Atmospheric Composition of the Warm Sub-Saturn EPIC-2037b
Pinilla-Alonso, Noemi12011NPA_PLUTO_CYCLE12Rotationally Resolved Study Of The Surface Of Pluto: seasonal/secular variations
Pinilla-Alonso, Noemi12009NPA_CYCLE12_DWARFPLANETSStudy of the Surface Heterogeneity of icy dwarf-planets and other medium size Kuiper Belt objects
Rebull, Luisa12024MON31236A New Cousin of KH15D?
Rigby, Jane12001ULTIMATEThe Ultimate Emission Line Diagnostics Study at z=1.4
Sargent, Benjamin12097BSARGENT_C12Probing the Long-Term Variability of Evolved Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
Stansberry, John12012JSTANS_TNOSFleshing Out the TNO Compositional Library: Spitzer's Legacy, JWST's Future
Stevenson, Kevin12028KBS-HZThe First Atmospheric Characterization of a Habitable-Zone Exoplanet
Stevenson, Kevin12035KBS-TTVRocky or Not, Here We Come: Revealing the Internal Structures of K2-21b+c Through Transit Timing
Strazzullo, Veronica12030SPTHSTIRACDeep IRAC imaging of a complete sample of SPT-selected clusters at z~1.5: the restframe-NIR view of galaxies in the most massive very distant structures
Zuckerman, Ben12020WDYDWARF12Hunting the Coolest Substellar Dwarfs
van Velzen, Sjoert12046TDF-CYC12Dust Reprocessing of Stellar Tidal Disruption Flares

Director's Discretionary Time (DDT)

Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Dittmann, Jason12082JDITTMANNA Search for Sub-Earth Sized Transiting Planets 12 Parsecs from the Sun
Fazio, Giovanni12034GCVAR12Understanding How a Black Hole Feeds: Sgr A*
Gould, Andrew12015,12136,
ANDREWGOULDK2SYNERGYDegeneracy Breaking for K2 Microlens Parallaxes