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GO-13 Programs

Issued: 05 Aug 2016

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Frontier Legacy
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Capak, Peter13058
PCAPAKThe Euclid/WFIRST Spitzer Legacy Survey
Labbe, Ivo13094COMPLETECompleting the Legacy of Spitzer/IRAC over COSMOS
Trilling, David13006NEOLEGACYNEOLegacy: The ultimate Spitzer survey of Near Earth Objects
Exploration Science
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Deming, Drake13044BEST_OF_BESTTransits and Eclipses of the Best of the Best: 23 Hot Jupiters for Atmospheric Characterization by Spitzer, Hubble, and JWST
Gillon, Michael13067RED_WORLDSRed worlds: Spitzer exploration of a compact system of temperate terrestrial planets transiting a nearby Jupiter-sized star
Gould, Andrew13005,13169,
ULENS2017Galactic Distribution of Planets Spitzer Microlens Parallaxes
Stevenson, Kevin13038KBS-PCThe Ultimate Spitzer Phase Curve Survey
Priority 1 and 2
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Abraham, Peter13064EXLUPACCMagnetospheric accretion in EX Lupi
Allers, Katelyn13031BDWINDSWind speeds on extrasolar worlds
Beatty, Thomas13055R147BDEclipse Observations of a Temperate Transiting Brown Dwarf
Benjamin, Robert13117BOBBENJAMINThree Dimensional Stellar Kinematics of the Galactic Bar and Disk: Where APOGEE Meets GLIMPSE
Bernard, Stephanie13103BORG911CONTBright galaxies at z=9-11 from pure-parallel HST observations: Building a unique sample for JWST with Spitzer/IRAC
Boyer, Martha13009LEOPDUSTA Search for Stellar Dust Production in Leo P, a Nearby Analog of High Redshift Galaxies
Cooray, Asantha13042COORAY_RED_SOURCESIRAC Snapshot Imaging of Red Herschel Galaxies
Dahle, Hakon13111HDAHLE_SPITZERRest-IR photometry of the brightest arc in the universe
Dwek, Eli 13004ENDOFSN1987AThe Continuing Fall of SN 1987A
Ebeling, Harald13109EMACSLenses for JWST
Fazio, Giovanni13027SMBH_SGRADiagnosing the Black Hole Accretion Physics of Sgr A*
Fox, Ori13130CSMTRIGGERMid-Infrared Signatures from Type Ia Supernovae Strongly Interacting with a Circumstellar Medium
Gillon, Michael13057MDWARF_TRANSITSearch for the transit of a nearby 2 Earth-mass planet
Gizis, John13086GIZISK2L0Investigating the long-lived clouds of early L dwarfs with Spitzer and K2.
Gorjian, Varoujan13118SDSS-RM2Long Term Optical and Infrared Reverberation Mapping of High and Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
Grillmair, Carl13040TRACSSS2TRACSSS-2: Tracing More Cold Stellar Streams with Spitzer
Hatch, Nina 13054MAPSThe progenitors of the most massive galaxy clusters at 1 < z < 3
Holwerda, Benne13148SUPEREIGHTSSuper-Eight: The brightest z~8 Galaxies
Kasliwal, Mansi13053SPIRITS13SPIRITS: SPitzer InfraRed Intensive Transients Survey
Kelley, Michael13116COMETTRENDS2CO2 Orbital Trends in Comets
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy13012DAVY5Spitzer Trigonometric Parallaxes of the Solar Neighborhood's Coldest Brown Dwarfs, Part 2
Kochanek, Christopher13022CKOCHANEKDust to Dust: Monitoring the Evolution of a New Class of Self-Obscured Transients
Krafton, Kelsie13063KKRAFTON_CYCLE13Continuous Dust Formation in SNe 2010jl and 2011ja
Kreidberg, Laura13140CLOUDY_SKIESClouds in the Forecast? A Joint Spitzer and HST Investigation of Clouds and Hazes for Two Exo-Neptunes
MacLennan, Eric13102EMACLENNANRegolith Size Sorting on Q-type NEAs
Mann, Andrew13037AMANNZodical Exoplanets in Time: Are These Worlds Flat?
Marengo, Massimo13079ETACRV_ROLLSUBSearch for Planetary-mass Companions of the LHB Star eta Corvi
Marrone, Daniel13149SPT0311Exploring a Massive Starburst in the Epoch of Reionization
Mazzucchelli, Chiara13066GASCOMP_HZQSOSCharacterizing Gas Rich Companion Galaxies of z~6 QSOs
McGee, Sean13046GOGREENIRAC imaging of GOGREEN clusters
Megeath, Tom13010ORIONFTEOrion: The Final Epoch (OrionTFE)
Meng, Huan13138KIC8462852_GO13'Where's the flux' star: Return of the Dust?
Mommert, Michael130082012LADENSITYConstraining the Bulk Density of 10m-Class Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 LA
Perley, Daniel13104SWIFTSPITZER13The Spitzer/Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxy Legacy Survey
Pinilla-Alonso, Noemi13145NOEMI_C13Extended study of the Surface Heterogeneity of candidate dwarf-planets (II)
Reddy, Naveen13035NAR_GO13The Connection between Stellar Populations and the Baryon Cycle and Ionizing Escape Fractions of Galaxies at High Redshift
Romanowsky, Aaron13125ROMANOWUltra-diffuse Galaxies in Clusters and the Field: Masses and Stellar Populations
Schneider, Adam13018ASCHNEID_TWA1Probing Cloud-Driven Variability on Two of the Youngest, Lowest-Mass Brown Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood
Sloan, Greg13096SMCLASTSpitzer's Last Look at the Small Magellanic Cloud
Spake, Jessica13150JSPAKE_WASP127Characterising the atmosphere of a uniquely low-density, sub-Saturn mass planet
Stevenson, Kevin13045KBS-TTV2Rocky or Not, Here We Come: Further Revealing the Internal Structures of K2-21b+c Through Transit Timing
Su, Kate13014DISKVAR_C13Probing Terrestrial Planet Formation with Extreme Disk Variability
Sugerman, Ben13151BSUGERMAN_HSTC24Light Echoes and the Environments of SNe 2014J and 2016adj
Werner, Michael13052SPITZERVK2IISpitzer v. K2: Part II
Xu, Siyi13065WDASTEROIDThe Real Time Disintegration of an Asteroid Transiting a White Dwarf
Yan, Haojing13024HYAN_IRAC4JWSTDeep IRAC Imaging Lensing Galaxy Clusters for JWST 'First Light' Search