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GO-14 Programs

Issued: 29 May 2018

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Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Bean, Jacob14059FINALPHASECURVERevealing Fact or Fiction in Spitzer Exoplanet Phase Curve Trends
Beatty, Thomas14058CWW89ABTesting the Formation Pathway of a Transiting Brown Dwarf in a Middle-aged Cluster
Beatty, Thomas14077AD3116BBenchmarking Brown Dwarf Models With a Non-irradiated Transiting Brown Dwarf in Praesepe
Beatty, Thomas14111KELT9A Test of the Fundamental Physics Underlying Exoplanet Climate Models
Bleem, Lindsey14096BLEEML2Discovering Massive z > 1 Galaxy Clusters with Spitzer and SPTpol
Bouwens, Rychard14130STEFANONBright galaxies at z=9-11 from pure-parallel HST observations: Building a unique sample for JWST with Spitzer/IRAC
Bradac, Marusa14017SRELICS_DEEPRELICS of the Cosmic Dawn
Cannon, John14040SHIELDFundamental Properties of the SHIELD Galaxies
Carey, Sean14121GAIA_MICROLENSINGSpitzer Parallax Observations of Long Duration Gaia Microlensing Events
Cooray, Asantha14088JINGZHEMSpitzer Imaging of Planck-Herschel Dusty Proto-Clusters at z=2-3
Crossfield, Ian14084TESSTOOSpitzer Transits of New TESS Planets
Dalba, Paul14047DALBA_CP14Transit Recovery of Kepler-167e: Providing JWST with an Unprecedented Jupiter-analog Exoplanet Target
Deacon, Niall14018DREICHWORLDSDetecting cold, wide orbit planets in the solar neighbourhood
Dwek, Eli 14001SN1987ARINGSpitzer's Complete History of SN 1987A
Emery, Joshua14132JEMERY_LUCYRotationally resolved colors of the targets of NASA's Lucy mission
Faherty, Jacqueline14076BYW2018The Coldest Discoveries of Backyard Worlds
Faherty, Jacqueline14128YAR2018The Young and the Restless: Revealing the Turbulent, Cloudy Nature of Young Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets
Farihi, Jay14100WISEXMaximizing JWST Science for Dusty White Dwarfs
Fazio, Giovanni14026SGRA_14The Vital Infrared to X-ray Link in the Sgr A* Accretion Flow
Fox, Ori14098LASTCHANCEA Mid-IR Census of Dusty Supernovae From the Past Decade In Preparation for JWST
Gorjian, Varoujan14126GORJIAN-SDSS-RM3BContinuing Long Term Optical and Infrared Reverberation Mapping of 17 Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasars
Gould, Andrew14012,14140,
ULENS2019The Galactic Distribution of Planets via Spitzer Microlensing Parallax
Holwerda, Benne14049SUPEREIGHTS_C14Nebular Line Emission and Stellar Mass of Bright z~8 Galaxies ``Super-Eights''
Hora, Joseph14005CEPHOB4_CYCLE14Investigating Massive Star Formation in the Cep OB4 Association
Kasliwal, Mansi14089SPIRITS14SPIRITS: SPitzer InfraRed Intensive Transients Survey
Kasliwal, Mansi14046EMGWUnderstanding Nucleosynthesis in Neutron Star Mergers with Spitzer Observations
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy14000DAVY6Spitzer Trigonometric Parallaxes of L, T, and Y Dwarfs: Complementing Gaia's Optically-selected Census of Nearby Stars
Kreidberg, Laura14135KREIDBERG_C14Taking the Temperature of a Lava Planet
Laine, Seppo14016SPRCMERGSpitzer/IRAC Study of the Origin of the Stellar Streams in SPRC047
Mattila, Seppo14054SMATTILA2Spitzer study of extreme tidal disruption events in luminous infrared galaxies
McKay, Adam14092R2PANSTARRSConstraining the Compositional Heterogeneity in CO-Dominated Comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS)
Meisner, Aaron14034AMEISNERIRAC Photometry of the Coldest CatWISE-selected Brown Dwarfs
Meng, Huan14110KIC_GO14'Where's the flux' star: Where's the excess?
Miles-Paez, Paulo14131COOL_CDWARFS_C14Ultra-cool dwarfs viewed equator-on: surveying the best host stars for biosignature detection in transiting exoplanets
Mommert, Michael14025DORMANTCOMETSA Spitzer Search for Activity in Dormant Comets
Moor, Attila14071TYC4209EDDExploration of the aftermath of a large collision in an extreme debris disk
Munoz-Mateos, Juan-Carlos14033PHANGSA complete catalog of stellar mass maps for PHANGS
Newton, Elisabeth14011YOUNG_PLANETSSpitzer's window onto the evolution of young planets
Redfield, Seth14101GJ9827_3FOR1Three Transits for the Price of One: Super-Earth Transits of the Nearest Planetary System Discovered By Kepler/K2
Romanowsky, Aaron14114ROMANOW2018A Survey of Stellar Populations in Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies
Sajina, Anna14081SAJINAAdding the missing piece: Spitzer imaging of the HSC-Deep/PFS fields
Sargent, Benjamin14065NORMA_SARGENTCharacterizing the Norma Overdensity
Smith, Ian14108SN1978K2Studying the Fading Infrared Evolution of SN 1978K
Stecklum, Bringfried14039METHANOL_MASERDeciphering Periodic Methanol Masers
Stefanon, Mauro14045MSTEFANONCOMPLETE2: Completing the Legacy of Spitzer/IRAC over COSMOS
Stevens, Daniel14112DSTEVENSProbing M Dwarf Model-Data Discrepancies via Precise, Empirical Characterization of a Long-Period F+M Binary
Trilling, David14003INTERSTELLARTOOToO observations of a newly discovered interstellar (`Oumuamua-like) object
Trilling, David14004NEOSCYCLE14Physical characterization of Near Earth Objects with Spitzer
Vieira, Joaquin14061SPT_SMG_LEGACYThe SPT+Herschel+ALMA+Spitzer Legacy Survey: The stellar content of high redshift strongly lensed systems
Vos, Johanna14019WEATHER_ROTATIONWeather and Rotation on Young Brown Dwarfs
Winn, Joshua14030WASP12_PRECESSIONWASP-12b: Orbital Decay or Apsidal Precession?