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GO-6 Programs

Issued: April 15, 2008

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Cycle-6 Exploration Science Programs

Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Abraham, Peter60167KONKOLYVARDisk tomography and dynamics: a time-dependent study of known mid-infrared variable young stellar objects
Andrews, Jennifer60071JEN-SN6A Comprehensive Study of Dust Formation in Type II SNe with HST, SST, and Gemini
Arendt, Richard60101ECHOESLight Echoes of Historical Galactic Supernovae
Ashby, Matthew60121MASHBY6Cadenced IRAC Monitoring of Infrared-Variable AGNs, Part III
Barnes, Kate60116M83_OUTERDISKExtended Stellar Distributions in M83
Barry, Richard60063HAT11TEAMExoplanet HAT-P-11b Secondary Transit Observations
Bauer, James60198GERBSBAUERA Double Planetary Occultation By the Outer Gas Giant Neptune
Belle, Kunegunda60107GO6_IPSInvestigating the Nature of Dust Disks in Weakly-Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Brodwin, Mark60099MBRODWINIRAC Imaging of SPT Clusters
Burleigh, Matt 60161MATTCPMCool, spatially resolved substellar and exoplanetary analogues at white dwarfs
Bush, Stephanie60072OUTERDISKSSBThe 3.6 micron Surface Brightness Profiles of Outer Disks: NGC 4625 and M 83
Casella, Piergiorgio60130JETVARRapid variability of jets in X-ray binaries: a new tool.
Cody, Ann Marie60169AMCODYSearch for Pulsation in Young Brown Dwarfs
Emery, Joshua60155IRACKBOIRAC Reflectances of Cold Classical KBOs and Centaurs
Farihi, Jay60113BORISDUSTA Search for Circumstellar Dust at SDSS White Dwarfs with K-Band Excess
Farihi, Jay60119DUST666Completing the Census of Disrupted Minor Planets at White Dwarfs: Photospheric Pollution by Single or Multiple Asteroids?
Fox, Ori60122TYPEIINA Survey for Dust in Type IIn Supernovae
Gal, Roy60095IRACORELSEThe IRAC-ORELSE Survey: Galaxy Masses in Large Scale Structures at z=1
Garnavich, Peter60166LATETIMELate-Time Light from Type Ia Supernovae
Gladders, Michael60158GLADDERSTwo Lensed Ly-A Emitters at z ~ 5
Harrison, Thomas60086THARRISONGXCharacterizing the Periodic Infrared Brightening Events of GX17+2: A Precessing Synchrotron Jet?
Laine, Seppo60088STREAMSRULESpitzer/IRAC Study of Stellar Streams Around Nearby Galaxies
Langton, Jonathan60102HD80606BTwo for the Show: Observing the Periastron Passages of HD 80606 b
Leggett, Sandy60093T8PHOT3 - 5 micron Photometry of 500 - 800 K Brown Dwarfs
Lidman, Christopher60059ZG5LAES_WARMAre the brightest Lyman Alpha Emitters at z=5.7 primeval galaxies?
Luhman, Kevin60046KLUHMAN6A Survey for Wide Substellar Companions in the Solar Neighborhood
Machalek, Pavel60058XO3B_FULLPHASEDynamic atmosphere of the eccentric and massive planet XO-3b
Massaro, Francesco60132CENAEnigmatic features in Centaurus A
Mattila, Seppo60142MATTILA_ARP299Infrared outburst in Arp 299
Maxted, Pierre 60056RRCAEThe mass and radius of a low mass white dwarf
Maxted, Pierre 60134WASP17WASP-17 - testing the paradigm of pM/pL class planets
Maxted, Pierre 60185WASP1819Lightcurves of two newly discovered ultra-short period planets
Megeath, Tom60060NGC3603A Wide-Field Survey for Low Mass Star Formation around the Galactic Massive Young Cluster NGC 3603
Murphy, Eric60173EMURPHYFossil Hunting: Intracluster Stars in Virgo
Muzerolle, James60160IC348_VARAn Exploration of Unique Mid-Infrared Variability around Transition Disks and Class I stars in IC 348
Nesvadba, Nicole60147NESVADBA2Gas without stars? Elucidating the nature of a highly unusual CO line emitter in the early universe.
Noll, Keith60184KEITHNOLLProbing Planetesimals in the Solar System: Ice and Organics in Kuiper Belt Binaries
Peterson, Dawn60181DEP_BOKS2Small Clusters Forming in Isolation? CB 34 and CB 58
Reach, William60050COMETSMOGSmog Check for Comets: Measuring cometary CO2, CO, and particulate emissions
Reddy, Naveen60177LAEUD_IRACDirect Stellar Mass Determinations for Individual Lyman Alpha Emitters at z~2
Rhoads, James60176SPITZERLYMANThe Spitzer Lyman Alpha Survey
Richards, Gordon60139STRIPE82HIGHZQSOSLeveraging Spitzer's Legacy: Quasars and Feedback at High Redshift
Sarty, Gordon60055SARTY2009Direct Observation of Circumstellar Clumps in High Mass X-Ray Binaries
Surace, Jason60180SURACE_RED_OBJECTSDeep IRAC Imaging of 24-micron Only Sources: Constraining the SEDs
Tremonti, Christy60145MASSIVEHIZEAMassive Galaxy Formation: Testing the AGN Feedback Hypothesis
Vieira, Joaquin60194JOAQUINVIEIRAHigh-Redshift Sub-Millimeter Galaxies
Wachter, Stefanie60108ULTRACOMPACTFirst Multi-Orbit Time Series Observations of Jets in Ultracompact X-ray Binaries
Wang, Zhongxiang60197WANGZX09Detecting the remnant of a hot disk that is gone
Werner, Michael60175MWWHOTSPOTSpitzer Studies of X-ray Detected Radio Hotspots
Wolk, Scott60078PACMANTriggered Star Formation and the Power within PacMan
van Zee, Liese60094LVZEXTENDEDHIFaint Stellar Distributions in Extended HI Disks