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GO-7 Programs

Issued: 25 June 2010

Updated: 24 August 2010

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Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Allen, Lori70157DELTAQUADRANTStar formation in the 4th Galactic Quadrant
Andrews, Jennifer70008JENSN7Dust Formation and Light Echoes in Nearby CCSNe
Apai, Daniel70170BD_CLOUDSMapping Brown Dwarfs: The Evolution of Cloud Properties Through the L-T Transition
Armus, Lee70064HOTULIRGDUSTHot Dust in ULIRGs: Completing Spitzer's Legacy
Brinkworth, Carolyn70012BRINKWORTH_CYC7Studying planetary debris disks around isolated, hot white dwarfs
Brodwin, Mark70053BRODWIN_C7The Most Massive, High Redshift Clusters in the Universe
Casewell, Sarah70078PRAESEPESLC25The nature of the unseen companion to WD0837+185
Deming, Drake70049GJ1214SEARCHTowards Earths and Beyond: the GJ1214 Opportunity
Drake, Jeremy70092DRAKE_RSCVNClose binaries with infrared excess: destroyers of worlds?
Dwek, Eli 70050SNR1987AEvolution of the Unidentified Hot Dust in SNR 1987A
Eisenhardt, Peter70162PRMEIRAC followup of WISE band 1 and 2 dropouts
Emery, Joshua70115HOTSCATTIRAC Reflectances of Hot Classical KBOs and Scattered Disk Objects
Emery, Joshua70163OSIRISREXPhysical Characterization of Near-Earth Asteroids: Backup Targets for the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission
Farihi, Jay70037HIZSTARSA Last Look at the Most Highly Metal-Polluted White Dwarfs
Farihi, Jay70116LOZSTARSA Last Look at the Common, Moderately Polluted White Dwarfs
Forbrich, Jan70172GGD12-15Circumstellar disk heating II: linking stellar X-ray flares with IR disk afterglows on timescales from hours to months
Gladders, Michael70154MARDMass across the Redshift Desert: Stellar Masses in a Large and Uniform Sample of Strongly-Lensed Galaxies at 1 < z < 3
Gorjian, Varoujan70119VGAGNREVERBSpitzer, Kepler, and Ground Based Reverberation Mapping of 3 Active Galactic Nuclei
Harrington, Joseph70084JH-ESP-TOO-2010Exoplanet Targets of Opportunity in Cycle 7
Hebrard, Guillaume70031HEBRARDSearch for rings and satellites around the temperate exoplanet CoRoT-9b (continued)
Holden, Bradford70063BPHOLDENObserving Stellar Mass Assembly at Half of a Hubble time in the Environs of Two Massive Clusters of Galaxies
Janson, Markus70009SPFLMJD10Improved Search for Thermal Emission from Fomalhaut b
Jiang, Linhua70094LJIANGPhysical Properties of Spectroscopically Confirmed Galaxies at 5.7
Jura, Michael70055DBZJURAA Search for Circumstellar Dust Disks Around DBZ and DZ White Dwarfs
Kasliwal, Mansi70110PTF10FQSPTF10fqs: A Luminous Red Nova in the Spiral Messier 99
Kilic, Mukremin70023MUKREMIN1Detecting a Debris Disk Around the Most Metal-Rich White Dwarf
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy70062DAVYSpitzer Verification of the Coldest WISE-selected Brown Dwarfs
Kochanek, Christopher70040SN2008SMassive Star CSI: Has The Progenitor of SN2008S Vanished?
Kulkarni, Varsha 70165OGVKPeek-a-boo: Mapping Dust in Galaxies with Spitzer IRAC Imaging of Back-lit Galaxy Pairs
Labbe, Ivo70145IUDF10The IRAC Ultra Deep Fields 2010: Using IRAC to Characterize Ultrafaint z~7-10 Galaxies
Leggett, Sandy70058TYWARMIRAC Photometry of 400-800K Brown Dwarfs
Luhman, Kevin70021KLUHMAN7A Survey for Wide Substellar Companions in the Solar Neighborhood
Machalek, Pavel70060IVANMLADEKBalancing the Budget: Simultaneous Near- and Mid-IR Phase Curves of WASP-12b
Madore, Barry70010CEPHSMCCepheids in the Small Magellanic Cloud: Mapping the 3D Structure, the Metallicity Sensitivity of the Leavitt Law, and the Temperature Structure of Cepheid Instability Strip
Mannucci, Filippo70030FMR@Z3Metallicity evolution at high redshift: the stellar mass of a sample of LBGs at z>3
McGaugh, Stacy70091CYCLE7_LSBLow Surface Brightness Galaxies
Megeath, Tom70044MEGEATH_OB1Probing Star and Planet Formation in a Young OB Assocation: Warm Mission Mapping of the Orion OB1 Association
Meixner, Margaret70020SAGE_VARPeriod Luminosity Relationships and Mass-Loss Rates of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Menanteau, Felipe70149ACT-IRACIRAC Imaging of Massive ACT SZ Clusters
Mittal, Rupal70059RMITTALLinking Cold Gas and Dust with Intracluster-Medium Cooling, Star Formation and AGN Heating in Brightest Cluster Galaxies
Mueller, Michael70054ECLIPSINGNEAFirst thermal observations of an eclipsing near-Earth asteroid
Nikku, Madhusudhan70148NMADHUAtmospheric composition and thermal structure of super-Earth GJ~1214b
Perley, Daniel70036OBSCUREDGRBHOSTSThe Host Galaxies of Dust-Obscured Gamma-Ray Bursts
Posselt, Bettina70045BPOSSELTIs there a fallback disk around RX J0720.4-3125?
Reddy, Naveen70108QSO_IRACThe Dependence of Galaxy Feedback on Stellar Populations at z~2-3
Sanders, David70038SANDERSDeep IRAC1,2 Imaging of the Extended Tidal Debris Fields for the Complete HST-GOALS Sample of (U)LIRGs
Stauffer, John70025DIPPERSNon-Axisymmetric Structure in the Inner Disks of YSOs -- Signposts of Planet Formation?
Stencel, Robert70006EPSAUR_GO7Taming the Invisible Monster: Infrared Monitoring of Epsilon Aurigae During Eclipse
Stern, Daniel70135QSOCLUSTERA Snapshot Survey of Galaxy Clusters around High-Redshift Quasars
Su, Kate70076WARMDISKSA Complete Census of Warm Debris Disks
Surace, Jason70039SURACE_24ONLYDeep IRAC Imaging of 24-micron Only Sources: Constraining the SEDs and Testing Variability
Swain, Mark70100MSWAINThe origin of variability in a hot-Jupiter
Vijh, Uma70088MC-VARIABLEYSOSVariable Massive YSOs in the Magellanic Clouds
Whitney, Barbara70072GLIMPSE360_GAPSFilling the Gaps in the GLIMPSE360 Survey
Zuckerman, Ben70102YDWARFUCLA10Hunting the Coolest Substellar Dwarfs