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GO-8 Programs

Issued: 03 May 2011
Updated: 08 Jul 2011

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Cycle-8 Exploration Science Programs

Priority 1 and 2

Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Abraham, Peter80165FUORTOMDisk tomography during the outburst of two new young eruptive stars
Andrews, Jennifer80131JENSN8Core Collapse Supernovae: Dust Formation and CSM Interaction
Arendt, Richard80062ZODI_CIBThe Influence of Zodiacal Light on CIB Measurements
Axon, David80120,80241
AXONReverberation Mapping of the size of the Dusty Tori in Active Galactic Nuclei.
For bookkeeping purposes, this program was split into multiple PIDs
Barmby, Pauline80032FAROUTM31Far out: tracing the mass in M31
Bian, Fuyan80145LBG_IRACStellar Mass of the Most UV Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies at z~3
Blain, Andrew80033BLAIN_WISE_8Extreme ULIRGs: Ultra-red WISE-selected Herschel Targets
Blanton, Elizabeth80161BLANTON_HIZA Targeted, Distant (z>0.7) Cluster Survey, Using Bent, Double-Lobed Radio Sources
Bouwens, Rychard80168ICLASHICLASH: Coherent Views of the Galaxy Formation Puzzle over z~3-10 Through the Looking Glass
Boyer, Martha80063LGDWARFSA Complete Census of Dust Production in Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
Colbert, James80134WISPMASSMeasuring Mass In The WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallels Survey
Deming, Drake80128HAT11_DEMINGAtmospheric Composition of the ExoNeptune HAT-P-11
Dupuy, Trent80183TDUPUYTesting Ultracool Models with Precise Luminosities and Masses
Dwek, Eli 80038ELIDWEKIs SN 1987A Fading at IR Wavelengths?
Eisenhardt, Peter80123W12DEEPCH1Deep IRAC 3.6 micron Followup of the Most Extreme WISE band 1 and 2 dropouts
Emery, Joshua80116RESONANTIRAC Reflectances of Resonant KBOs and Scattered Disk Objects
Flaherty, Kevin80174IC348_VAR_C8Connecting Young Stellar Object Variability Across the Great Observatories: A Combined Spitzer and Chandra Study of Variability in IC 348
Fox, Ori80023ORIFOXConstraining the Origin and Heating Mechanism of Dust in Type IIn Supernovae
Garnavich, Peter80126LATESN8Late-Time Light from Type Ia Supernovae
Gobat, Raphael80103Z2CLU_SPITZERAn ultra-deep Spitzer look at the most distant galaxy cluster
Hoard, Donald80017EPSAUR_GO8Epsilon Aurigae at the End of Eclipse
Jura, Michael80003WARMDAHow Frequently Do Warm White Dwarfs Possess Dust Disks?
Kasliwal, Mansi80196LUMINOUSREDNOVAEInfrared Signature: The Key to Deciphering Luminous Red Novae
Kirkpatrick, J.Davy80109DAVY2Spitzer Verification of the Coldest WISE-selected Brown Dwarfs. II.
Kochanek, Christopher80015EAGB08SUnderstanding A New Class of Mid-IR Transients
Kraus, Adam80190PLEIADESPMA Spitzer Proper Motion Survey of the Pleiades
Kulkarni, Varsha 80194PRG1Rings of Fire: A Spitzer IRAC Study of Polar Ring Galaxies
Laughlin, Gregory80094606@3P6Third Time's the Charm: The Tidal Q, Heating and Spin of HD 80606b
Leggett, Sandy80077TYWARMIIIRAC Photometry of 400-800K Brown Dwarfs
Luhman, Kevin80187KLUHMAN9The Lifetime of Circumstellar Disks Around Low-Mass Brown Dwarfs
Madore, Barry80021ECLIPSING_CEPCepheid Astrophysics: Measuring the Fundamental Physical Properties of a 3.8-day Classical Cepheid Variable in the Eclipsing Binary System OGLE-LMC-CEP227
Marengo, Massimo80071MARENGO_XPSearch for Planetary Mass Companions of Nearby Young Stars
Mattila, Seppo80105SMATTILAInfrared outburst in Arp 299
Menanteau, Felipe80138ACT_IRAC_S82IRAC Imaging of Massive ACT SZ Clusters in SDSS Stripe 82
Mueller, Michael80084DP107Eclipsing binary asteroid 2000 DP107
Paladini, Roberta80053CORESHINEHunting Coreshines with Spitzer
Perley, Daniel80153EXTCURVEHOSTSUnderstanding the Environmental Dependence of High-z Dust with GRB Hosts
Radigan, Jacqueline80213JRADIGANWeather on Substellar Worlds: Mapping the Atmospheres of Cool Brown Dwarfs
Rawle, Tim80066HLS_IRACCompleting the IRAC coverage of the Herschel Lensing Survey
Rieke, George80113ACCCALAbsolute Calibration of Infrared Standard Stars to the 1% Level
Salim, Samir80159NEWHABeyond the 'acronym populations': Halpha-selected galaxies at z~2
Sanders, David80089SANDERSDBDeep IRAC1,2 Imaging of the Extended Tidal Debris Fields for the Complete GOALS Sample of LIRGs (Part 2)
Scarlata, Claudia80039SIMES_GOThe Spitzer IRAC-MIPS Extragalactic Survey: imaging of the South Ecliptic Pole
Shemmer, Ohad80093Z4P8SEDSensitive Spitzer Photometry of Supermassive Black Holes at the Final Stage of Adolescence
Stapelfeldt, Karl80135TAUHHFOLLOWCharacterization of New Herbig-Haro Flows in the Taurus Star Formation Region
Stern, Daniel80154,80254CARLA2A Snapshot Survey of Galaxy Clusters around High-Redshift Quasars
Tully, Brent80072TULLYCosmic Flows
Verdugo, Miguel80136MVERDUGOThe stellar mass and galaxy population in distant, massive, X-ray selected clusters of galaxies
Wachter, Stefanie80177PULSAR_DISKSHow Common are Pulsar Debris Disks?
Warren, Steve80114Z7QUASARPhotometry of the z=7.08 quasar ULAS J1120+0641
Wheatley, Peter80164WASP212837Testing the effects of metallicity on the atmospheric chemistry of exoplanets
Priority 3
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Barnes, Peter80024DRTHIPCHaMP@Spitzer: The Formation and Early Evolution of Star Clusters in a Large Unbiased Sample of Dense Gas Clumps
Berger, Edo80054GRBHOSTS_CY8Probing the z>2 Mass-Metallicity Relationship with Gamma-Ray Bursts
Beygu, Burcu80069BEYGUOld Stellar Populations of The VGS Void Galaxies
Briceno, Cesar80144CBA_ORIVARQuantifying the Infrared Variability of 10 Myr Old T Tauri Stars
Brodwin, Mark80012BRODWINC8The Most Massive, High Redshift Clusters in the Universe
Cooray, Asantha80156COORAY-SMGSpitzer Imaging of Herschel Lensed Sub-mm Galaxies
Cowan, Nicolas80044NCOWANPhase Variations, Transits and Eclipses of the Misfit CoRoT-2b
Farihi, Jay80149IRACCOSAn Unbiased, Double-Blind Study of Terrestrial Debris in Evolved Planetary Systems
Fischer, William80160WFISCHERTime-Series IRAC Photometry of Protostars in L1641
Gorjian, Varoujan80148VGAGNREVERB2Spitzer, Kepler, and Ground Based Reverberation Mapping of 3 Active Galactic Nuclei
Gutermuth, Robert80181ROB.GUTERMUTHMid-IR Variability of YSOs in the Large, Evolved, Young Cluster, Cep OB3b
Hora, Joseph80058W43PROGRAMW43 - Extreme Star Formation in the Galactic Bar
Hora, Joseph80088CYGXVARYSO variability in Massive Star-forming Regions
Kane, Stephen80132ECCENTRICDetecting the Signature of Eccentric Exoplanets During Periastron Passage
Lawrence, Charles80162CHARLESRLAWRENCEAll-Sky Catalog of Massive Clusters from Planck
McKay, Adam80082COMETHUNTERObservations of Carbon Dioxide in the Coma of Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd
Meixner, Margaret80121MEIXNERThe First Light Curves of the Dustiest, Most Extreme Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in the LMC and SMC
Scowcroft, Vicky80008CEPHMWMetallicity mapping of the Milky Way
Stocke, John80070STOCKE_OBSCUREDQUASARSA New Technique for Identifying Very Highly-Obscured Quasar Sightlines
Tran, Kim-Vy80104KIMVY.TRANA Tidal Tale: The Origin of Intra-Cluster Light in an Assembling Galaxy Cluster at z=0.37
Wisniewski, John80049WISBEDynamic Decretion Disks in the Magellanic Clouds