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GO-9 Programs

Issued: 25 Sep 2012

Updated: 10 Dec 2012

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Exploration Science
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Apai, Daniel90063STORMSExtrasolar Storms: The Physics and Chemistry of Evolving Cloud Structures in Brown Dwarf Atmospheres
Bradac, Marusa90009SURFSUPSpitzer UltRaFaint SUrvey (SURF'S Up): Cluster Lensing and Spitzer Extreme Imaging Reaching Out to z >~ 7
Capak, Peter90042CAPAK9SPLASH: Spitzer Large Area Survey with Hyper-Suprime-Cam
Cushing, Michael90015MICHAEL.CUSHINGBrown Dwarf and Exoplanet Weather Forecasts: Are Y Dwarfs Partly Cloudy?
Desert, Jean-Michel90092KEPLERATMONew Frontiers for Comparative Exoplanetology In the Era of Kepler
Freedman, Wendy90002CARRLYRAEThe Carnegie RR Lyrae Program
Knutson, Heather90032ECCENTRIC_PLANETSThe Eccentric Exoplanets: A Survey of Atmospheric Heating and Variability
Kraus, Adam90071SFR_PMA Proper-Motion Census of Star-Forming Regions in the Solar Neighborhood
Richards, Gordon90045GTRICHARDS9SpIES: The Spitzer-IRAC Equatorial Survey
Large GO
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Bremer, Malcolm90038BREMER_XXLNIdentifying the most distant clusters in the XXL-NORTH survey
Fox, Ori90031STARSEARCHA Search for the Missing Supernovae in Ultraluminous, Star Forming Galaxies
Gillon, Michael90072WASP_HARPS_EPUnderstanding Other Worlds with Spitzer: From Hot Jupiters to Super-Earths
Kirkpatrick, J. Davy90007DAVY3Spitzer Trigonometric Parallaxes of the Solar Neighborhood's Coldest Brown Dwarfs
Perley, Daniel90062GRBHOSTLEGACYSpitzer Observations of GRB Hosts: A Legacy Approach
Small GO
Principal Invest.PIDProgram User NameProgram Title
Andrews, Jennifer90178JENSN9Dust Formation and Light Echoes Around Core Collapse Supernovae
Barber, Sara90212SARABARBERDo Massive Stars Have Planets?
Bouwens, Rychard90213RYCHARDBOUWENSQuantifying the Stellar Mass Density of the Universe out to z~9-10: Ultra-Deep Spitzer Observations of Two Highly Magnified z~9-10 Galaxies
Bridge, Carrie90221CBRIDGEWISE Discovered Ly-alpha Blobs at High-z: AGN Feeback Caught in the Act?
Burgasser, Adam90236ADAMBURGASSERInfrared Monitoring of the Nearest Low-Mass T Tauri Binary: TWA 30AB
Casewell, Sarah90153IRRADIATEDBDSTime resolved observations of irradiated brown dwarfs
Colbert, James90230WISPMASS2Low Mass Galaxy Evolution In The WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallels Survey
Conley, Alexander90175REDNOTDEADImaging the most extreme starbursts in the early Universe
Demory, Brice-Olivier9020855CNCE_PHASEThe First Orbital Phase Curve of a Rocky Exoplanet
Dole, Herve90111PUSH_GO9Planck & Herschel unveil extreme submillimeter structures
Dwek, Eli 90117SNR1987A_CYCLE9Probing Dust Evolution in the Equatorial Ring of SNR 1987A
Egami, Eiichi90218EEGAMI_HLSSpitzer/IRAC Imaging of Exceptionally Bright Cluster-Lensed Submillimeter Galaxies Discovered by the Herschel Lensing Survey
Farihi, Jay90121JF1242Disk Confirmation at a New Highly Polluted White Dwarf
Flaherty, Kevin90141CHA_TIMEUnderstanding Protoplanetary Disk Structure through the Timescale of its Variability
Fox, Ori90174DUSTSHELLConstraining the Origin and Heating Mechanism of Dust in Type IIn Supernovae
Fox, Ori90137MASSIVEA Study of Massive Star Evolution and Mass Loss With Multi-Wavelength Observations of Type IIn Supernovae
Getman, Konstantin90179GKOSTAPortrait of a Giant HII Bubble: Star Formation Processes in the Cepheus Loop
Gizis, John90152KEPLERLDWARFSpitzer-Kepler Studies of a Periodic L Dwarf
Gonzalez, Anthony90177MADCOWSIRAC Imaging of Clusters from the Massive Distant Clusters of WISE Survey
Gorjian, Varoujan90144VGAGNREVERB3Continuing Ground- and Space-Based Variability Monitoring of Zw 229-015
Guenther, Hans90128RHOOPHVariability in the rho Oph star forming region
Herbst, William90154KH15DPlanet Formation in the Circumbinary Disk of KH 15D
Hinz, Joannah90134NGC1097JETSJet-Like Structures in NGC 1097
Hoard, Donald90097GO9_EPSAURRevealing the Hot Side of Epsilon Aurigae
Hoard, Donald90105KEPLERWDIlluminating the Process of Dust Accretion on a White Dwarf
Hora, Joseph90187SFINWD1Extreme Star Formation in the Massive Young Cluster Westerlund 1
Huang, Shan90168SHAN_HIGHMASSOld Stars in the Massive, Gas-Rich HighMass Galaxies
Hulsebus, Alan90243HULSEBUSConfirmation of T Dwarf Candidate Companions of Radial Velocity Planet Systems
Hunt, Leslie90180IRACMZRProbing the Extremes of the Stellar Mass-Metallicity Relation with IRAC
Janson, Markus90170C9FOMALERIVEGAImaging Search for Dynamically Inferred Planets in Nearby Debris Disk Systems
Jura, Michael90102SXUA Search for Dust Orbiting Highly-Polluted DBZ and DZ White Dwarfs
Kaplan, David90207TRIPLEPULSARA Mid-Infrared Search for the Outer Companion in a Millisecond Pulsar Triple System
Kasliwal, Mansi90240SPITZERPTFSpitzer Characterization of Transients from the Palomar Transient Factory
Kochanek, Christopher90124KOCHANEK2008SDust to Dust: The Mysterious SN2008S Class of Stellar Eruptions
Lawrence, Charles90233PLANCKGANGAll-Sky Catalog of the Most Massive Clusters from Planck
Luhman, Kevin90095KLUHMAN10A Survey for Wide Substellar Companions in the Solar Neighborhood
Mattila, Seppo90157SEPMATInfrared outburst in Arp 299
McCollum, Bruce90182MCCOLLUM_C9Constructing and Monitoring the Infrared SED of the First Known Recent Stellar Merger
McGreer, Ian90195Z54LAEConstraining the stellar population of an unusually bright galaxy at z>5
McKay, Adam90130COMETHUNTER55Observation of CO2 in Comet C/2012 K5 LINEAR
Mueller, Michael90145HAYABUSA2Last call for Spitzer support of sample-return mission Hayabusa 2: measuring the thermal inertia of 1999 JU3
Paladini, Roberta90109GRAINGROWTHShedding light on grain growth in Galactic star forming regions
Posselt, Bettina90140VELAIR9The Infrared Excess in the Spectrum of the Vela Pulsar
Richmond, Michael90209REVERB_LONGReverberation Mapping of the Dusty Tori in Active Galactic Nuclei
Rieke, George90192HYAMENGLightcurves of Extreme Debris Disks
Rigby, Jane90232MASSZPrecise Stellar Masses at 1<z<3 in Strongly Lensed Galaxies Observed by HST
Sargent, Benjamin90219BSARGENTThe First Light Curves of the Dustiest, Most Extreme Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in the LMC and SMC
Stapelfeldt, Karl90250WISEDDResetting the Star: Uncovering New Warm Debris Disks using High-acccuracy IRAC Photometry
Stauffer, John90098CY9YSOVARCompleting the Census of NGC 2264 Light Curve Morphologies
Todorov, Kamen90186WHEATWASP-12b and HD 209458b: An Enigma and an Archetype
Triaud, Amaury90159WASP80Full-orbit atmospheric characterisation of a gas giant transiting an M dwarf
Trilling, David90147DISCOVERYThe Pilot Warm Spitzer Near Earth Object Survey: Probing the size distribution of the most abundant Near Earth Objects
Tsumura, Kohji90143GANYMEDEAbsolute Measurement of the Cosmic Infrared Background Using Ganymede as an Occulter
Werner, Michael90100SPIKESLITESmall SpiKeS: Small Spitzer Kepler Survey
Willner, Steven90126SPW3C220P3Astrometry and Stellar Masses of the 3C 220.3 Lensed Galaxy System