Multi-Year Schedule

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2004 Cycle-1 Proposals Due (2/14) Cycle-1 Proposal Review (May 3-7); Science Archive Opens AAS Topical Session @ Denver (June 1) Initial LegSci Products Delivered Initial LegSci Products Released
Cycle-2 CP Issued,
Spitzer New Views Conference
GLIMPSE Legacy Data Release
  Cycle-1 Cycle-2
2005 Cycle-2 Proposals Due (2/12) Cycle-2 Proposal Review (April 18-22) LegSci Data Release LegSci Data Release
Cycle-3 CP Issued,
Spitzer Science Conference
  Cycle-2 Cycle-3
2006 AAS
(Wash DC) Legacy Session
Cycle-3 Proposals Due (2/16) Cycle-3 Proposal Review
Cycle-4 CP Issued,
Spitzer Science Conference
  Cycle-3 Cycle-4
2007 Cycle-4 Proposals Due Cycle-4 Proposal Review
Cycle-5 CP Issued,
Spitzer Science Conference
  Cycle-4 Cycle-5
2008 Cycle-5 Proposals Due Cycle-5 Proposal Review
Cycle-6 CP Issued
5-Year Anniversary of Launch
Exploration Science Proposals Due,
Spitzer Science Conference
Exploration Science Proposal Review
  Cycle-5 IWIC Cycle-6 (IRAC)
2009 GO 6 Proposals Due Cycle-6 Proposal Review AAS
Exploration Science Session
Spitzer Science Conference
  Cycle-6 (IRAC) Cycle-7 (IRAC)
Cycle-7 CP Issued
Cycle-7 Proposals Due Cycle-7 Proposal Review
Cycle-8 CP Issued
Spitzer Science Conference
  Cycle-7 (IRAC) Cycle-8 (IRAC)
2011 Cycle-8 Proposals Due Cycle-8 Proposal Review IPAC Science Conference
  Cycle-8 (IRAC) Cycle-9 (IRAC)
Cycle-9 CP Issued
Cycle-9 Proposals Due Cycle-9 Proposal Review
  Cycle-9 (IRAC)
Cycle-10 CP Issued
Cycle-10 Proposals Due
10-Year Anniversary of Launch
Cycle-10 Proposal Review
  Cycle-10 (IRAC)
Cycle-11 CP Issued
Cycle-11 Proposals Due
Cycle-11 Proposal Review
  Cycle-10 (IRAC) Cycle-11 (IRAC)
Cycle-12 CP Issued
Cycle-12 Proposals Due
Cycle-12 Proposal Review
  Cycle-12 (IRAC) Cycle-13 (IRAC)
Cycle-13 CP Issued
Cycle-13 Proposals Due
Cycle-13 Proposal Review
  Cycle-13 (IRAC)
DDT Review 1 Proposals Due
DDT Review 2 Proposals Due
Cycle-14 CP Issued
  Cycle-13 (IRAC) Cycle-14 (IRAC)
Cycle 14 Proposals Due
15-Year Anniversary of Launch
  Cycle-14 (IRAC)
  Cycle-14 (IRAC)